Gamers all around the world are moving towards 4K content and brands have been continually pushing hardware at attractive prices. To counter this and to tap into the ever-expanding 4K consumer base in India, BenQ announced their 28-inch 4K monitor. The product is pitched towards people who mangle between gaming and media consumption.

We tested the BenQ EL2870U for close to two weeks and here’s what we think about the product.

Key Specifications

  • 27.9-inches, 16:9 ratio
  • 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • In-built speaker (2W x 2)
  • HDR 10
  • AMD FreeSync
  • HDMI, Display Port, 3.5mm audio jack

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • BenQ EL2870U Monitor
  • HDMI cable
  • Base
  • Power cord
  • Drivers Disc
  • User instruction manual


The design is standard with the frame made out of high-quality plastic. BenQ has tried to slash the bezels but they are not the best in the industry. The base is also made out of plastic with the core parts being metal just to add strength. We quite liked the brushed metal look that the base has going around. On the lower part of the bezel lies the button for kicking off the HDR mode and next to it is an LED.

The power button along with the settings navigation keys are placed on the bottom and you would have to memorize them to get around the menu. On the back lies the four ports, two HDMI, one Display port and the 3.5mm audio jack all facing down. The display has a matte effect and is ideal for prolonged use with the blue-light filter providing additional comfort.

The base stand provides the necessary tilt and swivel adjustment as per the users liking. The monitor isn’t that heavy either making it easier to reposition if needed.


When it comes to connectivity options you only get four ports as previously mentioned. There are two HDMI ports for accepting sources ranging from a PC to a gaming console or a streaming stick. Next to it is the Display port and a 3.5mm audio jack.

For our tests, we added a bunch of sources to the monitor and never faced any issues with any of the inputs. The only thing we felt missing was a USB port. Since the monitor essentially has speaker units built-in, so a USB could have increased their usability.


The monitor natively supports the 4K resolution with up to 60Hz refresh rate, which is ideal for media consumption. BenQ has used a TN Panel here meaning the blacks will be much deeper but the TN panel isn’t the best ones if you’re watching the display at an angle. So, the richer colors come at a cost. The monitor has support for HDR and HDR 10 in general but the display brightness is capped at 300 nits which is not the best amount to enjoy HDR fully.

Coming to the actual performance, we aren’t quite impressed. The display out of the box needs to be calibrated since on the first boot the colors looked washed out and lacked depth. After tinkering with the settings, we were able to tone down this issue up to some extent. The HDR did add to the overall viewing experience but not by much. We are quite impressed by the two 2W speaker units used here which sound decent for their size.


  • BenQ EL 2870U 4K monitor – INR 35,000


  • Functional Design
  • HDR support
  • Speaker output


  • Low height adjust
  • Average Black levels

Verdict – Should you go for it?

The BenQ EL2870U monitor is ideal for people looking for an upgrade. The monitor is good for gamers looking towards upping their gameplay experience or for creative professional. The only gripe we have is with the black level and overall contrast of the display. The HDR here is not the best in the industry but still adds to the overall value. You also get support for AMD FreeSync and Flicker-free tech.