Beeper’s iMessage App Returns to Android, but with Limitations


Beeper’s iMessage app, a popular workaround for Android users to access the Apple messaging service, has made its return to the platform, but not without some changes. While the app is back in action, it now requires users to sign in with an Apple ID, a significant shift from its earlier iteration which allowed registration via phone number.

Key Highlights:

  • Apple ID required: Users now need an Apple ID to sign in, eliminating phone number registration.
  • Reduced functionality: Some features, like reactions and message effects, are currently unavailable.
  • Privacy concerns remain: Apple has expressed concerns about potential security risks associated with the app.
  • Beeper promises improvements: The team is working on restoring phone number registration and adding missing features.


This change has sparked mixed reactions from users. Some appreciate the return of iMessage access, even with the limitations, while others are disappointed by the loss of phone number registration and concerned about the potential security implications.

Beeper Mini: A New Approach with Caveats

The revamped app, dubbed Beeper Mini, represents a new approach from the developer team. By requiring an Apple ID, Beeper aims to comply with Apple’s guidelines and avoid potential legal issues. However, this comes at the expense of user convenience, as many users lack an Apple ID or prefer not to create one.

Furthermore, Beeper Mini currently lacks several features available in the original app, including message reactions, message effects, and group chats. These limitations have led some users to believe that the app is a downgrade from its predecessor.

Addressing Security Concerns

Apple has publicly expressed concerns about the Beeper app, stating that it “violates our App Store Review Guidelines and intellectual property rights.” The company also raised security concerns, suggesting that the app could be used to intercept or modify iMessage communications.

Beeper has responded to these concerns, stating that it takes user privacy and security seriously and has implemented strong security measures to protect user data.

Beeper: Committed to Improvement

Despite the challenges, the Beeper team remains optimistic about the future of the app. They have confirmed that they are working on restoring phone number registration and adding missing features. They are also committed to addressing Apple’s concerns and ensuring the app’s compliance with all relevant regulations.

Looking Ahead

While Beeper Mini’s return to Android is welcome news for many, the app still faces several hurdles. The loss of phone number registration and missing features are significant drawbacks, and Apple’s concerns about security cannot be ignored.

Beeper’s success will depend on its ability to address these issues and provide a reliable, secure, and feature-rich iMessage experience for Android users.

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