The world is hoping for a deal to scrap Greenhouse Gases and agree to end the use of HFCs. The early 1990’s saw the world uniting to ban CFC which was used as a refrigeration gas in Fridge and Air Conditioners. These CFC caused considerable damage to the Ozone layer.

The meeting is being hosted by Rwanda President Paul Kagame and will also see 40 ministerial-level delegates who are gathering in the east African nation’s capital. The CFC whose use preceded the use of HFC was banned under the 1987 Montreal Protocol when it became apparent that it was causing harm to the Ozone layer.

The HFC are mostly employed in Air Conditioners and is indicated as the largest cause of increasing HFC use. The world will have another 700 million Air conditioners by 2030, and this will undoubtedly contribute in a big way in Global Warming.

HFC cause global warming to astounding proportions

The Ozone layer is crucial for life on Earth because it cut out the harmful UV radiations coming from the Sun and deep space. These radiations could cause mutation in the cells of living things increasing the risks of cancer and other diseases. The CFC was thought to destruct Ozone layer. The CFC was replaced by HFC, which were touted to cause no harm to the Ozone layer. However, later it was found that it was a very potent greenhouse gas and caused global warming of astounding proportions.

Global warming has acquired urgency since the after-effects are being felt all over the globe. Officials from more than 200 countries along with US Secretary of State John Kerry will gather in Rwanda to hammer out a consensus to stop the use of HFC. If the HFCs are banned today, it will slow the global temperatures from increasing by half a degree by the end of the century.