Balancing the Battlefield: The Finals’ Latest Update Targets Dominant Class

battlefield 4 final stand 2

In a significant move to maintain fair play and competitiveness, the latest update for the popular game The Finals, dubbed Update 1.5.5, has introduced an array of balance changes targeting what has been perceived as the game’s most dominant class. This update is poised to reshape the gameplay dynamics and address community concerns over certain overpowering elements.

Key Highlights:

  • Decreased player min damage and adjustments to weapon damages for more balanced gameplay.
  • Cooldown changes for various gadgets like Flashbangs, Gas Mines, and Incendiary Mines.
  • Game mode tweaks including reduced event start times and increased team wipe respawn times.
  • Map updates, particularly in Las Vegas, for more realistic destruction.
  • Introduction of new Scoped Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier for certain weapons.
  • Comprehensive bug fixes and improvements across the game.

battlefield 4 final stand 2

Introduction to the Update

The Finals, a competitive first-person shooter known for its dynamic gameplay, has undergone a significant update aimed at rebalancing its gameplay. Update 1.5.5, released by Embark Studios, is the latest in a series of patches designed to address balance issues and enhance the overall player experience.

Balance Changes and Gameplay Adjustments

The update brings a multitude of balance changes, especially in the weapons and gadgets department. Key changes include a decrease in player minimum damage from 120 to 100 and adjustments to the cooldowns of various gadgets like Flashbangs, Gas Mines, and Incendiary Mines. Specific weapons like the RPG, Stun Gun, and Tracking Dart have also seen alterations in damage and cooldowns to ensure a fairer competitive environment​​.

One of the notable changes is to the Defibrillators and Revives, where the length of invulnerability after a revive has been decreased significantly, from 1.5 seconds to just 0.75 seconds. This change is crucial as it affects the dynamics of player revivals during intense combat situations​​.

Game Modes and Map Enhancements

The update also tweaks various game modes to enhance gameplay. For instance, the ‘Bank It’ and ‘Quick Cash’ game show events now start earlier, and team wipe respawn times have been increased in certain modes. This shift aims to provide a more engaging and strategic experience for players.

In terms of maps, the Las Vegas map has received particular attention with updated destruction behavior and strain systems, promising a more realistic destruction experience. Various ziplines in the level have also been updated​​.

Throwables and Weapons Rebalance

An important change in the update is the modification of deployable explosives like C4 and Breach Charges. These will now add mass to throwable objects, affecting how far they can be thrown. Additionally, several weapons, including the Flamethrower, LH1, and M60, have seen damage increases, while others like the SH1900 Shotgun have had their damage reduced​​.

Content and Bug Fixes

Aside from balance changes, the update includes numerous content additions and bug fixes. These range from updated main menu weapon animations to fixing issues related to character models and movement. These improvements are crucial for enhancing the overall quality and reliability of the game​​.

Impact on the Game and Community

The Finals’ latest update is a significant step towards maintaining the game’s competitive balance and enhancing player experience. By addressing the overpowering aspects of certain classes and weapons, the update aims to level the playing field, ensuring that skill and strategy remain key determinants of success in the game.

Conclusion and Summary

Update 1.5.5 for The Finals marks a pivotal moment in the game’s evolution. With a focus on balancing the gameplay and ensuring a fair competitive environment, this update addresses key community concerns and lays the groundwork for a more engaging and strategically diverse gaming experience. As players adapt to these changes, the dynamics of The Finals are set to evolve, promising a more balanced and thrilling competition for all participants.


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