Audio-Technica ATH-CK330iS In-Ear Budget Friendly Earphones Review

Audio-Technica, a leading Japanese audio accessory manufacturer brand recently launched in-ear headphones ATH-CK330iS in India. Earphones are available in four colors: Blue, black, red and white priced at Rs. 1,490 if you shop online. We have received blue color to review.

To start with the packaging, Audio- Technica ATH-CK330is arrives in a cheap material plastic box that blew off my mind. Pulling headphones out from this box is a tough fight in itself with a fear of damaging them. Packaging is a disaster I have to say!

Audio Technica ATH-CK330iS (1)

Audio Technica ATH-CK330iS (2)

It does come with four different sized ear tips to customize your comfort, a cord holder, and a warranty card, all in Japanese so of no use. Though it comes with two years of limited warranty, nice bonus!

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Aesthetically, headphones build do not look impressive at all, and it’s not so flat build makes it prone to tangle easily. The headphone has Y-shaped 1.2m long cable featuring 3.5mm gold plated audio jack, wiggle to adjust length and a microphone that enables you to play/pause the music and call answer/end.

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However, I was not able to control volume with volume controls like the one we received for review were compatible with Apple devices only. The earphones have different variants those are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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Perfectly angled in-ear monitor ensures enough grip, good comfort level, and fits in the ear properly. To make it easy to use company has embossed left and right sign on earplugs. No doubt they are super comfortable thus makes it a perfect choice for sport and fitness freaks as they do not pop out that easy. As I mentioned, it has a great grip thus giving impressive noise isolation.

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I tested few songs with maximum bass and treble, sadly sound output was not that great. Songs were playing high on treble with a mild pinch of bass. Though it has a bass duct for delivering deep bass reproduction, that seems just a marketing thing. I could not get much out of Audio- Technica ATH-CK330iS. However, hey, it is a budget friendly affair!

Audio Technica ATH-CK330iS (7)


To summarize, I did not get much what I expected initially from Audio-Technica ATH-CK330iS, as the brand has already set the expectation level of the user very high. Start from their packaging to their sound output/audio performance, it failed to impress. You also don’t get a carry case so you will end up fluffing your jeans pockets with them.

Two years warranty, the brand name, and quality are among few things that can make me recommend this product, but again, the market has already a lot more to offer!

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