AT&T Adjusts Unlimited Plan Pricing, Boosts Hotspot Data

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AT&T has announced an increase in the prices of its unlimited data plans alongside an enhancement in hotspot data limits, a change affecting both new and existing customers. This adjustment in pricing and plan benefits marks a significant shift for AT&T users.

Key Highlights:

  • Price increase of 99 cents per month for unlimited plans.
  • Enhanced hotspot data limits across various plans.
  • Rebranding of plan names for clearer distinction.
  • The price change is the first since the plans were introduced in 2020.
  • Comparisons with Verizon and T-Mobile offerings indicate competitive positioning.

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AT&T’s Plan Revisions: More Data, Slightly Higher Prices

AT&T’s decision to increase the prices of its unlimited plans comes with added benefits for users, particularly in the area of mobile hotspot data. The base plan, now known as the Unlimited Starter SL, will offer 5GB of hotspot data, up from the previous 3GB. Similarly, the mid-tier Unlimited Extra EL plan will see its hotspot data cap raised from 15GB to 30GB. The top-tier Unlimited Premium PL plan will now feature 60GB of hotspot data, a substantial increase from the previous 50GB.

Understanding the Price Changes and Plan Names

The price hike, set at 99 cents per line per month, will be effective from March 2024. This increase brings AT&T’s pricing closer to that of Verizon, yet remains competitive when compared to T-Mobile. Notably, this is the first time AT&T has raised prices on these plans since their introduction four years ago.

Comparison with Competitors: Verizon and T-Mobile

AT&T’s updated plan offerings align closely with Verizon’s, especially in terms of mobile hotspot data allowances. Both carriers now provide 60GB of hotspot data on their top-tier plans and 30GB on their mid-tier plans. T-Mobile, however, offers less mobile hotspot data in comparison, with 50GB and 15GB on their respective plans.

A Closer Look at Business Plan Options

For those requiring substantial hotspot data, business plans from AT&T and Verizon could be more suitable, offering up to 200GB of mobile hotspot data. T-Mobile’s business plans offer half of that capacity. These business accounts can be set up even by individuals as sole proprietors using a Social Security Number, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.

Implications for Consumers and Businesses

The slight price increase might be a concern for some consumers, but the additional mobile hotspot data is a welcome upgrade, particularly for users who frequently rely on this feature. For digital nomads, RVers, and users who heavily depend on mobile internet, the updated plans offer improved flexibility and connectivity options.

Expert Analysis and Recommendations

Industry experts suggest that while the price increase might be a drawback for some, the added benefits in terms of data make AT&T’s plans still attractive. They recommend users to review their data needs and compare plans across carriers to find the best fit. For those who frequently exceed their current plan’s data limits, the new AT&T plans might offer a more cost-effective solution.

AT&T’s recent updates to its unlimited plans reflect a strategic move to enhance value for customers while adjusting prices to remain competitive in the market. The increased hotspot data limits and the rebranding of plan names signify AT&T’s commitment to evolving its services in line with consumer needs and industry trends.


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