Which ATM has cash? This site will give you real-time update on working ATMs

There have been long queues outside all ATMs across the country. This is because people want to withdraw currencies for emergency purposes since they cannot make use of the old Rs. 500 and 1,000 rupee notes.

In this hour of need, a Twitter handle @WoCharLog has created a simple website – http://atmsearch.in/, which provides crowdsourced information about the ATMS which are working. Moreover, the site provides the approximate number of crowds at these ATMs.


How does the website?

You need to navigate to http://atmsearch.in/ and provide the location in the search box. You will view the bank name, landmark including the total number of crowd. Moreover, the site also informs you about when the ATM was finally updated.

It is also possible to update the status of ATMs by providing the landmark, bank name and the number of people waiting in the queue.

Even though the displayed information cannot be verified accurately, the netizens have lauded te efforts taken by the developer. Moreover, they also praised the amount of time @WoCharLog has dedicated to the development of the site.

If you remember the 2015 Chennai floods, several people provided vital information over Twitter and by creating new websites to the general public. This includes availability of essential materials that are used on a daily basis.

You can also refer to the following websites launched as a result of the ongoing Demonetization

Cash in ATM

Cash in ATM is a crowd source portal, which enables you to check the status of cash in nearby ATMs. You just need to enter the pin code and select ATM to find the status of cash by scrolling down. If you select a bank name, the corresponding details will be visible on the right side. You can view the current status and currency availability. You can also share the real status of an ATM after visiting the location.


Cash No Cash

Cash No Cash enables you to find the details of an ATM based on the provided pin code. You need to provide the pincode on the box and select the Find Cash. If you select Update Status button, you will be able to view the real status.

ATM Finder

You will view two drop down boxes if you navigate to the site. You need to select state and city and the site displays the real status of all the ATMs near your locality. You can also refer to Walnut and Tapzo apps to view real time ATM information including Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the decision to scrap the old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes. The RBI introduced new currencies with security features. However, existing ATMs need to be calibrated to enable proper dispensing of new currencies.

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