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Asus to ship the Zenfone 4 series in August 2017

Asus is announcing its new Zenfone 4 series soon, and only one smartphone from the series has been revealed so far; the Asus Zenfone 4 Max which was announced a while ago. There are still five more Zenfones in the 4-series yet to be announced by Asus soon.

Reports from Taiwan which claims that the Zenfone 4 will become available in August, which is four months after the Asus’s initial goal. The first smartphone from the series is going to be the Asus Zenfone 4 Max, and we can expect more smartphones from this series.

There is a rumor about Asus that it will announce more smartphones in Zenfone 4 series at the end of the month. The all other Zenfone 4 series smartphones will arrive only in Europe in late September. This new releases will directly compete with the new iPhones and Sony smartphones which will go official at IFA 2017. Though nothing is official, yet as we still wait for Asus to officially introduce the new Zenfone 4 line-up to the world.


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