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Apple’s Presto System Enhances iPhone Setup Experience

Discover Apple’s Presto system, an innovative in-store technology for wirelessly updating iPhones within sealed boxes, ensuring the latest iOS version at purchase.

Apple’s latest innovation, the Presto system, is set to revolutionize the iPhone purchasing and setup experience in its retail stores across the United States. This advanced technology allows Apple Store employees to wirelessly update the software of iPhones while they remain sealed in their boxes. The system, which is anticipated to be fully operational in all U.S. stores by early summer 2024, employs a specialized pad that uses MagSafe and other wireless technologies. This not only streamlines the setup process for customers but also ensures that every iPhone is equipped with the latest version of iOS right out of the box.

The Presto system operates by placing iPhone boxes on a pad-like device, which can then power on the iPhones, download and install the latest software updates, and power them back down without ever opening the packaging. The setup, likened to a metal cubby or a small two-spoke locker, can handle up to six iPhones simultaneously, with built-in guardrails to accommodate different-sized iPhone boxes. It takes about 20 seconds for Apple Store employees to position a box on its rail, and the iOS update process completes within 15 to 30 minutes.

This method of updating iPhones addresses a common issue where devices shipped from the factory with outdated software versions, requiring customers to perform updates immediately after unboxing. By automating software updates within the retail environment, Apple not only enhances customer convenience but also ensures that new devices are secure and feature the latest functionalities from the moment of purchase.

The Presto system is a testament to Apple’s commitment to improving the user experience, showcasing an innovative approach to integrating technology within its retail operations. As it rolls out, customers can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient setup process for their new iPhones, reflecting Apple’s dedication to providing devices that are ready to use with the most current software.

This development has been widely reported and discussed, including on platforms such as 9to5Mac and GizChina, highlighting the anticipation and positive reception from both the public and industry insiders​​.

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