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Apple’s AirPods Pro 2nd Gen on Sale for $190: A Smart Buy for Apple Enthusiasts

Grab the deal on Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro for just $190. Featuring improved noise cancellation, Adaptive Transparency, and USB-C charging, these earbuds are a steal for Apple users.

In a move that’s sure to catch the eye of music lovers and tech aficionados alike, Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro are currently available for a discounted price of $190, down from their usual $249. This sale represents a significant saving of $59, offering a great opportunity for those looking to upgrade their earbud game without breaking the bank.

Released in late 2022, the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen have been praised for their array of internal updates and enhancements over their predecessors. These earbuds come equipped with the H2 chip, known for improving noise cancellation capabilities, alongside new features such as Adaptive Transparency, Personalized Spatial Audio, and a swipe gesture for volume control. The inclusion of a built-in speaker in the case for pinging purposes and a lanyard hook are thoughtful additions that users will appreciate. Additionally, the case has been updated with a U1 chip enabling Precision Finding with Apple’s Find My service, making it easier than ever to locate misplaced earbuds.

Despite retaining the design of the 2019 model, these updates offer iPhone owners several compelling reasons to consider upgrading. The new touch gesture and enhanced audio features, such as Adaptive Transparency and Personalized Spatial Audio, have been highlighted as significant improvements that enhance the overall listening experience.

The second-gen AirPods Pro also include a USB-C charging case, aligning with the latest iPhone models’ charging standards and offering slightly better dust resistance. Furthermore, they are expected to support lossless audio with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset.

While the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen have been acknowledged for their superior active noise cancellation (ANC), warm sound, and seamless integration with Apple devices, they are not without their limitations. For instance, the battery life of around six hours is considered average, and there’s no option to customize the EQ directly. Additionally, the touch controls may require a period of adjustment for new users.

As for the competition, while the AirPods Pro are considered the “best for iOS” in many buying guides, alternatives like the Beats Fit Pro offer a more workout-friendly design, and Sony’s WF-1000XM5 earbuds are favored by some for their overall performance.

It’s worth noting, however, that Bloomberg has reported Apple may overhaul its entire AirPods lineup starting next year. This anticipated refresh could introduce new features, including a version of the standard AirPods with ANC and a redesigned AirPods Pro with hearing health features. Nevertheless, for dedicated Apple users in need of high-quality earbuds today, the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen at $190 is a deal worth considering​.

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