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Apple Watch Ultra: A Muted Update in the Offing?

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicates minimal updates for Apple Watch Ultra in 2024, suggesting potential launch delays and impact on sales.

In a surprising turn of industry insights, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the Apple Watch Ultra is set to receive minimal, if any, hardware updates in the upcoming cycle. According to Kuo, Apple has not initiated development on the third generation of its robust Apple Watch Ultra, potentially delaying any new release until 2025 at the earliest.

Stagnation or Strategic Pause?

The Apple Watch Ultra, introduced with much fanfare as a premium smartwatch catering to outdoor and professional use, may not see its next iteration—dubbed the Apple Watch Ultra 3—anytime soon. This delay aligns with Apple’s broader strategy of extending the refresh cycles of its major products. The current model, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, brought incremental updates such as a faster processor and enhanced display brightness but did not make a significant leap in innovation​.

Kuo hints that the absence of significant hardware upgrades in the 2024 cycle could lead to a slump in sales. He predicts a 20-30% drop in Apple Watch Ultra shipments and a 10% decrease across all Apple Watch shipments if no new model launches next year​.

Industry Implications and Consumer Expectations

The potential stagnation in Apple’s high-end watch segment raises questions about the future trajectory of wearable technology and consumer expectations. As competitors continue to innovate, Apple’s decision to possibly delay its next-gen Ultra model could be seen as either a missed opportunity or a calculated decision to perfect more groundbreaking features like enhanced health management tools and microLED screen technology​.

For Apple enthusiasts and tech industry watchers, the development—or lack thereof—of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is a storyline filled with anticipation and speculation. Whether this signals a new approach in Apple’s product strategy or merely a hiccup in its usually predictable update cycle remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that the decisions made now will resonate well into future product roadmaps and market dynamics.

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