Apple Watch 2 release date, price: Smartwatch to feature 4G LTE, bigger battery and more

A new generation smartwatch may be unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 line-up in the next month. It has been almost two years since the Apple launched its first smartwatch. Various reports suggest that the Cupertino-based company is preparing to launch the second generation Apple Watch 2 in September this year. The upcoming smart wearable is expected to come with a host of new features like inbuilt 4G LTE antenna, GPS chip. It may also include a number additional sensors like barometer and altimeter. The smartwatch will also feature an upgraded processor and run Apple’s latest watchOS 3.0.

Apple Watch 2 Design: Rectangular Dial

The next generation smartwatch is presumed to feature identical design language with the original Apple Watch. The wearable will sport the same rectangular dial with similar screen sizes. The upcoming smartwatch is expected to be significantly thinner than the current generation.

Apple Watch 2 Display: Micro-LED

This year’s Apple Smartwatch may sport a brand new Micro-LED panel. This brand new display technology is developed by LuxVue Technology which was acquired by Apple in 2014. Micro-LED displays are highly power efficient and much thinner in spite of being more vibrant and brighter than the AMOLED screens.

The only con of these displays is that they are very costly to manufacture. So, there is a possibility that Apple may skip this for next year when the production cost may come down.

Apple Watch 2 Processor: ARM Cortex A-32

The Apple Watch 2 will come with an improved Apple S2 SoC built on the latest ARM Cortex A32 architecture. The 32-bit processor sports ARMv8 instruction set instead of the ARMv7 of the Cortex A7 chips currently powering the first generation Apple Watch.

The new ARMv8 set of instructions only featured in 64-bit processors till now and has much-improved power saving capability than the previous ARMv7. This indicates that Apple may lower the battery capacity of the Apple Watch 2 in order to slim the smartwatch without compromising on battery back-up.

Apple Watch 2 Features: Standalone 4G LTE and GPS

One of the most talked about feature of the forthcoming Apple Watch 2 is its ability to take in a SIM card. The next generation smartwatch is rumored to have inbuilt 4G LTE capability to become a truly independent wearable. The present Apple smartwatch requires being continuously in contact with a smartwatch to be fully functional. A GPS chip is also said to be roped into the new generation smart wearable.

Apple Watch 2 Battery

The battery capacity of Apple’s next smartwatch is debated topic. Some rumors suggest that Apple will give more emphasis on the battery life as it is one of the top selling factors of a smartwatch. They expect that the Apple Watch 2 will come with increased battery capacity for a lengthy battery life.

The other side of the debate presumes that Apple will keep the battery capacity the same or even decrease it a little bit for decreasing the thickness of the watch. According to them, the company will bring on a revamped battery technology to make the deficit. Additionally, they suggest that the forthcoming smartwatch’s improved display and power efficient processor will help in extending the battery backup.

Apple Watch 2 Price

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to be priced at Rs. 25,000 for the base version and high-end cost might cost as high as Rs. 70,000. For more updates, stay tuned to PC-Tablet.