Apple Unveils iOS 17.1 RC Build: Bridging Gaps Before Official Release

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Apple, known for its periodic software updates, has rolled out a new build of its iOS 17.1 Release Candidate (RC) ahead of the official release slated for next week. The new RC build, version 21B77, is an iteration up from the previous 21B74, signaling Apple’s continuous endeavor to polish the final version of iOS 17.1 before it reaches the masses.

Key Highlights:

  • New build version 21B77 of iOS 17.1 RC released.
  • Release targeted at iPhone 15 model, possibly addressing ongoing iPhone shutdown issue.
  • Enhanced features include Internet-based AirDrop, improved always-on display control, and modified Action button functionality in Camera app on iPhone 15 Pro.
  • Official release of iOS 17.1 anticipated on October 24.

ios 17 4400

The iOS 17.1 RC build is a crucial step towards ensuring a seamless user experience, primarily aimed at the iPhone 15 model phones. Although there’s speculation that this release might address the ongoing iPhone shutdown problem, confirmation on this remains pending​​.

Unique Features:

The new RC build introduces some noteworthy features. It extends the AirDrop functionality, allowing users to continue transferring files over the internet when devices move out of AirDrop range. Additionally, a StandBy mode enriches the user experience on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro by providing more control over the always-on display. A tweak in the Action button’s behavior on the iPhone 15 Pro when launching the Camera app is also part of this update. Moreover, Apple Music users will find new ways to favorite artists, contributing to a future playlist feature. However, Apple aficionados will have to wait a bit longer for other features like the new Journal app, expected in subsequent updates like iOS 17.2​​.

Launch Anticipation:

The release of the new RC build has set a positive precedent for the official launch of iOS 17.1, expected on October 24. The anticipation hints at the tech giant’s consistent effort to refine and enhance the user experience by addressing bugs and introducing new features. The official release next week is eagerly awaited by users keen to explore the new functionalities and improvements.

The release of the iOS 17.1 RC build version 21B77 is a significant stride by Apple, aimed at bug fixes and introducing new features primarily for the iPhone 15 model. The update, speculated to address the iPhone shutdown issue, brings several enhancements like internet-based AirDrop, better always-on display control, and a refined Action button functionality in the Camera app on iPhone 15 Pro. With the official release of iOS 17.1 around the corner, the tech community is keen to delve into the enriched user experience promised by this update.


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