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Apple to Unveil New iPad Pro and iPad Air in Early May 2024

Apple to Unveil New iPad Pro and iPad Air in Early May 2024

In an exciting development for Apple enthusiasts, the tech giant is reportedly preparing to launch its latest iPad Pro and iPad Air models in early May 2024. This update comes amid growing anticipation for Apple’s spring product lineup, which also includes updates to the MacBook Air series.

The upcoming iPad Air is expected to be introduced in two sizes: 11 inches and the new 12.9 inches, marking the first time the iPad Air will be available in a larger format. On the other hand, the iPad Pro models are anticipated to maintain their current sizes of approximately 11 inches and 13 inches, with notable enhancements including OLED displays for superior visual experience and the M3 chip for enhanced performance.

Significantly, both the new iPad Pro and iPad Air are poised to feature the M3 chip, suggesting significant performance upgrades over their predecessors. The M3 chip is expected to offer up to 2.5 times better GPU speeds and 30-50% faster CPU performance compared to the M1 chip. Additionally, these models will embrace the latest in connectivity technology, including Bluetooth 5.3 for improved accessory connection and power efficiency, and Wi-Fi 6E for access to faster 6GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Differences between the iPad Pro and iPad Air models remain distinct, particularly in display technology, with the iPad Pro models boasting OLED displays versus the more affordable LCD display technology for the iPad Air. The iPad Pro is also expected to continue offering premium features such as Face ID, a dual camera setup, and potentially Smart HDR 5 and other advanced photography and videography features.

A new landscape selfie camera position is rumored, aiming to enhance video call experiences by placing the camera on the top frame of the tablet when in landscape orientation. This adjustment addresses user feedback on the awkward positioning of the current camera setup during video calls.

In terms of pricing, the iPad Air’s 11-inch model is likely to start at $599, with the new 12.9-inch model possibly starting at $799, offering consumers a broader range of options at different price points.

Moreover, alongside these tablet updates, Apple is also expected to introduce new versions of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, making the iPad Pro more akin to a laptop in functionality and design.

As Apple continues to innovate within its iPad lineup, these updates signal the company’s commitment to providing users with powerful, versatile devices that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.


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