Apple sending out invites for iPhone 12 launch, event planned on Oct. 13

Here is what can perhaps be considered the last missing piece of the great iPhone 12 puzzle – its launch date. According to Apple, it is going to be on October 13, 2020, at 10:00 hours PT that the iPhone 12 will be unveiled.

However, it is not known if Apple will be unveiling its entire line-up of four iPhone 12 devices or it is just the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 that gets launched on October 13. Noted leaker Jon Presser has been among the first to successfully predict the launch schedule. He also maintained it is the base two iPhone 12 models that will be launched first, with the two Pro models getting launched sometime later.

Interestingly, Apple has themed the current invite as ‘Hi, Speed’, which likely points to the 5G capability of all the iPhone 12 models. This should allow for a significantly faster internet speed on all the iPhone 12 models though rumor has it that it is only the top iPhone 12 Pro Max that will offer 5G mmWave tech. The rest will come with sub-6 5G which is believed to be akin to 4G LTE on steroids.

Also, it is going to be an online event, the first such in the company’s history owing to the pandemic we are in at the moment. The event will be streamed live on the Apple site. The launch too has been pushed back by a few weeks for the same reason. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this year has also been an online affair, as has been the September event that yielded the new Smartwatch 6 and iPad devices.

Apart from the iPhone 12, among the other products expected to be launched during the event includes the new Apple MacBook featuring the company’s in-house Apple Silicon chip. A new over-ear headphone too is expected to launch on that day.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the electronic reseller Decluttr, claims that a healthy 53 percent of the respondents look forward to buying the new iPhone 12. That should be a sweet piece of news for Apple given that the competitors have more snazzy models to offer this year. Those include the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 that has a foldable display and has gone for some decent reviews as well.


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