Apple Search Deal with Google: The Tech World’s Most Influential Contract

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Search has always been a cornerstone of the digital age. With the vastness of the internet, the ability to quickly and efficiently find information is paramount. And when it comes to search, the recent trial involving Google and Apple has shed light on the significance of their partnership, emphasizing the weight of their search deal in the tech industry.

Key Highlights:

  • The U.S. vs. Google antitrust trial has been examining the intricacies of the search industry.
  • Apple’s deal with Google, setting it as the default search engine in Safari, has been in place for over 20 years.
  • Google reportedly pays Apple more than $10 billion annually to maintain this default status.
  • The trial has revealed the immense importance of this deal, not just for the two tech giants, but for the entire industry.

The Power Dynamics of the Deal:

In a recent courtroom exchange, Joan Braddi, Google’s Head of Product Partnerships, was questioned about Apple’s leverage in their negotiations. The response was clear: Apple holds significant power. This sentiment was echoed throughout the trial, highlighting the unmatched importance of Apple in the search domain. While Google has numerous deals with various companies, none come close to the magnitude and influence of its agreement with Apple.

The Evolution of the Partnership:

Since Safari’s inception in 2003, Google has been its default search engine. Over time, this arrangement has evolved into a revenue-sharing model. Estimates suggest that Google’s payment to Apple exceeds $10 billion annually. This financial arrangement, combined with Google’s search prowess, has deterred Apple from developing its own search engine or considering other competitors.

The Antitrust Implications:

The Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google alleges that the tech giant has entered anticompetitive deals with Apple and other companies, ensuring prime placement for its search engine. Google counters this, attributing its dominant market share to its superior product quality. This trial is reminiscent of the significant tech antitrust case against Microsoft in the 1990s, underscoring its potential implications for the industry.

The Broader Impact:

The trial has brought to light the broader implications of the Apple-Google deal. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, and DuckDuckGo CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, both testified to the unparalleled advantage this deal offers. The trial has also revealed Google’s internal concerns about the exclusivity of the deal, emphasizing the importance of user choice and experience.

Why This Deal Matters:

The significance of the Apple-Google deal isn’t just about numbers. It’s about influence. Apple’s dominant position in the mobile market, especially in the U.S., combined with Google’s search engine prowess, creates a formidable partnership. This alliance not only impacts user experience but also shapes the trajectory of the search industry.


The ongoing U.S. vs. Google trial has brought to the forefront the immense significance of the search deal between Apple and Google. This partnership, spanning over two decades, has not only shaped the search experience for millions but has also influenced the dynamics of the tech industry. As the trial progresses, it remains to be seen how this will impact the future of search and the broader tech landscape.

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