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Apple 4-inch iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Air Pro Launch Date: March 21

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) upcoming launch event is scheduled for March 21 to release a new 4-inch Apple iPhone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Air Pro. The launch of Apple iPhone SE will see the grand return of 4-inch display, which was previously shelved ever since the launch of iPhone 5 in 2012. Even in 2013, we saw the release of iPhone 5c.

While we previously reported that the new 4-inch display device will be named as iPhone 6c or iPhone 5SE, it is not the case. Instead, Apple has used a new branding as iPhone SE, which should be touted as a special edition device. However, within Apple, few employees refer to SE as an enhanced version.

In sharp contrast to previous iPhone devices, the upcoming iPhone SE has been manufactured with a slightly rounded and matte edges with the power button finding the place in a new spot. Apple will also reintroduce Gold and new Rose Gold variants with the launch of iPhone SE.

Coming to specifications, Apple iPhone SE is equipped with new A9 and M9 chips, which will offer improved speed, accurate motion tracking and always-on “Hey Siri” support. Interestingly, Apple hasn’t provided support for 3D Touch and the addition of front-facing LED flash.

The new Apple iPhone S is designed in such a way that Siri will be activated as soon as a user shouts Hey Siri facing the phone and it will work even if the device is not plugged into power.

With upgraded camera sensors and software infused into iPhone SE, the device will be capable of capturing and viewing Live Photos, similar to that of the previously released iPhone 6s.

Coming up at the March 21’st event is the brand new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which features a new A9X processor, increased RAM including integration of a smart connector. Moreover, the device will have an upgraded display technology which is expected to produce bright visuals with stylus support.

Apple is also expected to unveil a smart keyboard with smaller keys will support for the Apple Pencil.

Sources within Apple disclosed to us that the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be equipped with a 12-megapixel primary camera with LED flash, which will have the capability of recording video in 4K resolution. As of writing this, we don’t have specifics of the camera for iPhone SE.

In addition to iPhone SE and iPad Air Pro, Apple will also unveil a new series of smartwatches with the possibility of iOS 9 release on March 21.


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