Apple registers increasing issues of iPhone 6 battery fire in China

The Shanghai Consumer Council has received eight reports from customers based in China about the spontaneous fire caused to iPhone 6. After a thorough inspection of the iPhone 6 handsets, Apple categorically rejected the allegations stating that the problem is related to physical damages. The latest development happened amidst the time when Apple faced testing times over battery problem in iPhone 6s.

Ever since iPhone 6 was released in 2014, there have been a limited number of cases pertaining to fires. Based on complaints from Chinese consumer groups, Apple had initiated a repair program through which the iPhone 6s battery was replaced by the company.

iPhone 6s battery problem not related to safety

Meanwhile, Apple support team went ahead and interacted with customers based in China. The company explained the whole issue and assured customers that the problem they face with iPhone 6s is not related to safety.

As part of the Apple repair program, the company will provide new batteries to customers who own iPhone 6s manufactured between September and October 2015. Recently, Apple had expanded the repair program to incorporate those customers who also experience shutdowns.

iPhone 6s shutdown issue caused by ambient air exposure

According to Apple, the iPhone 6s shutdown issue was primarily caused due to controlled ambient air exposure during the manufacturing process. This has caused the battery to degrade quickly than a traditional normal battery.

Going forward, Apple is planning to introduce a diagnostic tool. The upcoming tool will not only gather information but also be able to manage the performance levels of the battery to a great extent. This will prevent unnecessary shutdowns.

Apple will most likely integrate the updated diagnostics capabilities with iOS 10.2. Nowadays, Apple is giving wide attention to matters reported in China. This is because the Chinese market is bigger than the United States and Europe. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook very often visits Beijing to monitor sales and support related activities.

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