Apple iPhone SE 2021 rumored to continue with the A13 Bionic SoC

The iPhone SE 2021 is expected to continue with the same A13 Bionic chips that currently powers the 2020 edition of the iPhone SE. This has been reported by Mauri QHD, who claims there isn’t enough justification for opting for a higher rated chip on the budget phone that hardly ever gets to use the full potential of the A13 itself.

Apple had launched the iPhone SE 2020 in the last week of April this year and was immediately off to a solid start thanks to the extremely competitive price tag of $399 for the starting model. The price point made it a real bargain for a phone that came with the flagship processor. At the moment, the iPhone 11 series comes powered by the A13 Bionic SoC.

Apart from the chip, Mauri QHD is also claiming Apple might continue with the same basic form factor for the iPhone SE 2021 as well to ensure it remains cost competitive. The SE 2020 may have updated internals but sports the same externals as the iPhone 8, which includes a single lens rear camera, something quite striking in this age when even budget handsets have multiple lens rear camera system.

However, with everything from the looks to the processor remaining the same, Apple might have to look elsewhere to ensure the SE 2021 can stand apart from the crowd. Experts opine there might be a bigger display provided to the SE 2021 to ensure it has a chance against the burgeoning competition comprising not only the latest Android handsets but all the iPhone SE 2020 as well.

Meanwhile, there also is the iPhone SE Plus 2020 that too is rumored to be in the works though Mauri QHD has stated the SE Plus 2020 and the SE 2021 are going to be two distinct handsets. The SE Plus is expected to sport a side mounted fingerprint scanner along with a full-screen design.

Meanwhile, Apple is rumored to launch four iPhone 12 models this year, with the cheapest model to come with a 5.4-inch display while still having a footprint smaller than the iPhone SE. That would be possible thanks to the use of an edge to edge display with none of the thick top and bottom bezels as on the SE.


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