Apple iPhone 7 specs, features and release date rumors: OLED display with no 3.5mm audio jack

The upcoming Apple iPhone 7 will not ship with a 3.5 mm audio/headphone jack. Apple is planning to incorporate Lightning connector in place of the headphone jack and will also unveil Lightning-equipped EarPods, which enables you to connect to the port.

The lightning connector port provides support for lightning equipped and Bluetooth headphones. It will include a digital to audio converter to provide support for wired headphones. However, you need to plug in a 3.5 mm to lightning adapter, which we hope will be included inside iPhone 7 package.

There are widespread rumours that Apple iPhone 7 will incorporate sapphire OLED display manufactured by the arch rival Samsung. Apple had reportedly given bulk orders to Samsung for the manufacture of OLED display panels for the upcoming iPhone.

Some of the other possible features will be find a place in iPhone 7 are a hexacore A10 processor, waterproof support, vibration motor, wireless charging in addition to 3GB of RAM. However, there will be a 2GB RAM variant of iPhone 7 as well with reduced price.

According to reliable tech sources, the removal of the jack is part of Apple’s efforts to produce a slim device and the new iPhone will be a millimeter thinner than its previous counterparts.

Apple is also slated to release Lightning-equipped EarPods that will be included with the iPhone 7. It will also be available separately to enable you to use with future iOS devices.

According to reports coming in, all future iOS devices will have the connector and will likely to ditch headphone jack.

This is not the first time that Apple is refreshing the features. In 1998, they eliminated floppy disks with the launch of iMac G3.

Many people at that time criticized the move, but it proved to be correct since we are unable to see any use of floppy disk in recent times. However, we still do have valuable data on few floppy disks in our office. Apple had removed 30 pin connector three years ago.

Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be launched by around the second quarter of 2016 and will likely be priced heavily at around INR 60,000.

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