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Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus price in India to be slashed further based on market conditions

There have been widespread talks about the recent slashing of the prices of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India by Apple. However, we learned that Apple hasn’t officially dropped the prices of smartphones but few ecommerce companies such as Flipkart has reduced the prices due to on-going seasonal sale. Flipkart has been providing discounts as part of their Big App Sale Days.

Apple iPhone 6s 16GB is currently selling at Rs 49,500 in the retail market which accounts to 20% drop since its initial launch price of Rs 62,500. However, the phone is selling at a lower price in various ecommerce stores.

We understood that Apple hasn’t officially slashed the prices of smartphones. Instead, the prices are reduced by Apple distributors who enjoy greater freedom in deciding the price of devices.

This practice has been followed by other smartphone manufacturers and Apple also decided to go this route to boost sales. As of the time of this writing, Apple distributors are free to decide the price of products based on the market conditions.

According to unconfirmed sources, Apple is trying hard to push sales of 2 million iPhone units in India by the end of December and hence distributors are reducing the prices to attract customers.

Moreover, retailers have been given freedom to fix prices of both iPhone 6S and 6S Plus on a daily basis. For instance, if iPhone 6S was sold for a particular amount on a specific day, the price will not be the same another day.

This is similar to what is done by e-commerce companies like Amazon where the prices of devices fluctuate. Recently, iPhone 6s was sold at Rs. 50,000 in retail stores across the country.

Although these 2 iPhones are available on a discounted price tag on Flipkart and official partner (infibeam), it’s not an official price from Apple. “After all, price cut and discounts are two different things. So as of now, there is no official statement as well as price cut from the company,” said Apple.

As of the time of this writing, iPhone 6s 16GB is selling at Rs 46,895 on Amazon India, which is pretty less than offline stores. In case of Flipkart, the device is sold at around Rs 48,000.

Similarly, iPhone 6s Plus 16GB is being sold at Rs 71,999 on Amazon and Rs 61,999 on Flipkart. As you can see there is a huge gap in prices between the top two ecommerce players in India.


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