Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 comparison – Who will score a BIG 6?

Apple and Samsung are the two fiercest competitors in the smartphone market. Both of them have come up with new flagship products in iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, with the latter being released last week. This is the first time that nomenclature of their flagship products is also same.

iPhone has always been considered a great phone when it comes to design and screen display. But this time Samsung has outdone Apple or HTC or any competitor to design a product which isn’t plastic in feel or look but rather is a high class aluminum finish.  iPhone 6 with its larger screen and support for NFC adds features that had previously been associated with the Galaxy range. So when it comes to specs, how do they match up?

We want to explain the same through an Infographic



When it comes to Hardware and design both the phones are great and there is hardly any differentiation left. Instead the trend for the ecosystems and apps to provide the bulk of the innovation will continue. All of the fundamental technology elements are now in place – the next stage is building services around them.

Samsung is adding its own payment system with the S6 in an attempt to catch up with Apple Pay. Both the companies are focusing on wearables and fitness monitoring. The focus of smartphone industry is more on productivity as the smartphone take more responsibility from the traditional computer.

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Other features where in both the phones differs and score on one another are:

Apple iPhone 6

  • The Ecosystem created by Apple to date is quite strong.
  • iPhone is still a design wise a better designed phone which holds good in hand.

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Wireless Charging.
  • Fast charging, though Apple has released lightning charger it is no-where in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S6’s charging speed.
  • Multi-Apps can be used side by side.

Both the smartphone manufactures have great fan-following with the fans usually awaiting to upgrade to new models rather than jumping ships. With the new Galaxy S6, Samsung has shaken the upper edge Apple has in terms of better display and camera in a smartphone. Apple has to work on some long overdue features as wireless charging, fast charging, built-in Infrared blaster, NFC pairing to devices and optical image stabilizer.

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