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Apple Deals Still Available After Cyber Monday: Extended Savings on Popular Products

While Cyber Monday has officially passed, the spirit of holiday shopping continues, with extended deals on Apple products persisting across various retailers and online marketplaces. For those who missed out on the initial Cyber Monday frenzy or simply seek additional savings, these lingering deals present an opportune moment to acquire Apple devices at reduced prices.

Key Highlights:

  • Select Apple products continue to hold discounts despite Cyber Monday’s conclusion.
  • Retailers and online marketplaces are extending sales on a variety of Apple devices.
  • MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods are among the items with lingering deals.
  • Trade-in programs and gift card offers further enhance the savings opportunities.

MacBook Air Leads the Way:

The MacBook Air, Apple’s popular ultraportable laptop, remains a centerpiece of the extended deals. Retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are offering discounts of up to $70 on select MacBook Air configurations, providing an attractive entry point into the Apple ecosystem.

iPad and Apple Watch Follow Suit:

The iPad and Apple Watch, two other Apple staples, are also part of the ongoing sales. The 10.2-inch iPad, a versatile tablet suitable for various tasks, is available with savings of up to $80 at select retailers. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Ultra, the company’s most rugged smartwatch, can be found with discounts of up to $60.

AirPods and Accessories Join the Party:

Apple’s AirPods lineup is not to be missed out on either. The AirPods Max, the company’s high-end over-ear headphones, are enjoying discounts of up to $70, while the AirPods Pro, the popular in-ear earbuds, carry savings of up to $50. Additionally, various Apple accessories, such as the Magic Trackpad and Otterbox iPhone cases, are also available at reduced prices.

Trade-in Programs and Gift Card Offers:

To further sweeten the deal, many retailers are offering trade-in programs and gift card incentives. These programs allow customers to trade in their old Apple devices for credit towards new purchases, further reducing the overall cost. Additionally, gift card offers provide additional spending power, allowing customers to purchase accessories or other Apple products alongside their main purchase.

Seizing the Opportunity:

As the holiday season progresses, these extended Apple deals offer a chance to grab desired Apple products at compelling prices. With a variety of retailers and online marketplaces participating in the sales, shoppers have ample options to compare prices and find the best deals. Whether seeking a new MacBook Air for school, an iPad for entertainment, or an Apple Watch to enhance fitness tracking, these extended deals provide an opportunity to upgrade with Apple’s latest devices without breaking the bank.