Apple could remove the Touch Bar on future MacBook devices

It has been some time since Apple had introduced the Touch Bar on its MacBook series of laptops and rumor has it that the company might be debilitating giving up on that. None would be missing it though, as the Touch Bar has been one of the least like features of the Apple laptops. At least that is how many feel of the feature though there sure could be many who might be fond of the same.

In any case, noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo feels the Touch Bar might have lived its age and the same might not be seen on a forthcoming edition of the laptop. And Kuo is known for its Apple-related predictions that have been quite accurate over the years.

The Touch Bar however did look nice and intuitive when it was first introduced back in 2016. However, it seems to have outlived its appeal so that many have expressed their displeasure over the same. They’d rather like to have physical keys for the same.

It remains to be seen if Apple indeed does what is being speculated or if they have something else in store for us.


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