Apple Bids Farewell to iTunes Apps on Apple TV

Apple’s latest tvOS beta release suggests the end is near for the dedicated iTunes Movies and TV shows apps on Apple TV. The set-top box’s once primary hub for purchasing, renting, and managing video content has seemingly vanished from the tvOS 17.2 release candidate (RC), now available for developer testing.

Key Highlights:

  • iTunes Movies & TV Shows Apps Removed: They’re missing from the latest tvOS beta, suggesting their impending demise.
  • TV App Takes Over: All functionalities of iTunes apps are integrated into the TV app, simplifying the user experience.
  • No Loss of Functionality: Users still have access to their purchased and rented content through the TV app.
  • Uncertain Future: It remains unclear when the removal will be implemented for the public release.

iTunes Steve Jobs

This move aligns with Apple’s ongoing efforts to consolidate its entertainment offerings under the unified TV app. Launched with the release of tvOS 10 in 2016, the TV app has gradually integrated features and functionality from iTunes, including access to purchases and rentals, personalized recommendations, and universal search across various streaming services.

A Streamlined User Experience

The removal of the dedicated iTunes apps streamlines the user experience by eliminating redundancy and offering a centralized platform for all things entertainment-related. Users can still access their existing movie and TV show library, including purchases, rentals, and Up Next recommendations, directly from the TV app.

While the absence of the iTunes apps might initially feel strange for long-time users, it ultimately represents a positive step towards a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Integrating all functionalities into a single app simplifies content discovery and management, removing the need to switch between multiple apps.

Uncertain Timeline for Public Release

While the removal of the iTunes apps is confirmed in the latest tvOS beta, the exact timeline for its implementation in the public release remains unclear. It could be rolled out alongside the official launch of tvOS 17.2, which is expected sometime in early 2024, or it might be delayed to a later update.

What it Means for Users

For users, the transition should be seamless. All existing purchased and rented content will automatically be transferred to the TV app, ensuring continued access to their entertainment library. Users will be able to browse, purchase, and rent new content directly from the TV app, eliminating the need for the dedicated iTunes apps.

This change marks a significant shift in Apple’s approach to video content on its set-top box. The move towards a unified TV app further consolidates Apple’s position in the streaming market and streamlines the user experience for its customers.

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