Apple AirPods: Technology behind new wireless earphones and how it works

Apple AirPods was introduced during the iPhone 7 launch event. Ever since the rumor of lack of the 3.5 mm headphone jack surfaced on the web, there have been speculations over the release of an alternative wireless product for audio. Apple AirPods are fully wireless earbuds designed to solve the problem of the unavailability of the headphone jack. However, the AirPods will not available for sale immediately along with iPhone 7.

The design of AirPods clearly matches that of Apple’s wired EarPods. Apple has integrated new functionalities into the wireless earbuds. They are designed to work with iOS 10, macOS and watch OS 3. However, Apple has enabled Bluetooth into them. Hence, you can work with non-Apple products as well.

Technology behind Apple AirPods

AirPods make use of infra-red sensors, which are located on each wireless gadget. They are on either side on the part that enters your ear. The IR sensors coupled with light and motion sensors accurately identify whether you have inserted AirPods into your ears.

Working of AirPods

Apple AirPods features seamless connectivity coupled with pause-and-play functionality. You just take out the AirPods from the case and they will get switched on instantly. There is no need to go through the complicated setup process. The new AirPods are compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Apple Watch with a one-tap setup in Control Center.

During the demonstration at the launch event, an Apple employee paired the W1 processor powered AirPods and the notification popped up on the handset.

Once you tap on it, the connection will be approved. You need not have to enter a Bluetooth code or listening for beeps. The big attraction of Apple AirPods is the seamless transition between the wireless earbuds and the phone. For instance, if you took the AirPods out, the music will playback through the smartphone.

Activating Siri

If you double tap on one bud, Siri will automatically load. Even if you are in a very noisy room, Siri understood the commands. The AirPods are designed to eliminate the outside noise to a great extent.

Charging Apple AirPods

To charge the AirPods, you just need to pop them into the charging pod. The pod charges via a lightning connector and also acts as a power bank for your pods. Once you paired with a device, iCloud will make use of to share pairing data with every device registered with that ID.

Priced at $159, the Apple AirPods will be available from October end. According to analysts, AirPods are priced significantly higher than Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Earbud headphones available at $120. However, they are cheaper than Samsung Gear IconX earbuds. Even if you purchase iPhone 7, you can still use your 3.5mm headphone with the help of a lighting-to-3.5mm adapter.


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