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Apollo 11 mission archives capture UFO landing on Moon, here are the images

Is there a secret US Space program? Conspiracy theorists say that there is indeed a secret US space program and the public is never allowed any access to such program. We are well aware of Area 51 in Nevada and the famous Rosewell incident, and UFO theorist contends that the US is reverse engineering spacecraft or the UFO’s which have crashed on the planet.

Conspiracy theorist asserts that no one has landed on the moon and it is all a hoax. Still, others contend that Apollo mission astronauts had encountered aliens on the darker side of the moon and this led to the abrupt halt of any further Lunar expeditions.

A new video which has been posted on YouTube by the Paranormal Crucible has once again brought the debate about UFO and aliens to the fore. The bizarre image from the Apollo archives shows a UFO resembling missile cruising the Moon. Experts contend that it could be that NASA is bombing the alien installations using secret ships from the secret Black Space Program. It looks very odd and many are not convinced it is an alien craft but are puzzled about its origin and use.

Some theorists say that the Moon is hollow and the trajectory of the mysterious object goes into a massive crater, which is an entrance into the hollow bowels of the Moon.

It is rumoured that the US government has a secret Black Space program and billions of Dollars are funnelled into this projects without any accountability. The amount of work which NASA does is never fully revealed and what is revealed to the common public are carefully orchestrated and censored news. Even the pictures of the Apollo missions, Mars Rovers, and other photographs are carefully edited, and the existence of aliens or alien crafts is either not revealed or is morphed.