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Is the Dark disk found on Mars a crashed UFO? See the Video

The question which has always excited humanity is –Are we alone in this universe or are there other living beings in this world. Scientists like Stephen Hawking warn of the pitfalls of trying to seek alien life or establish contact with them. UFO enthusiasts always talk of aliens visiting our planet and a conspiracy by the government to hide this fact from the common public. Recently a NASA Mars picture taken by Curiosity rover has once again evoked keen interest in UFO enthusiasts who claim that it is evidence that indicate the presence or past presence of aliens.

The hunt for extraterrestrial life is continuing, and telescopes have been scouring the skies for any hint of alien life. Earlier this month, a UFO freak claimed of spotting a snake on the pictures sent by Curiosity rover. Another UFO enthusiast argued that there is a crashed spacecraft on the red planet. The supposed craft seems to be an eccentric looking rock which resembles an alien space fly saucer.

Streetcap1 uploaded a video clip on the popular video streaming site YouTube with a title “The Martian Hill anomaly.” The pictures were taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, which was released by NASA in 2012.It looks like a crashed spacecraft, but it could also be massive rock though many think that it is indeed a spacecraft.

They contend that the object seems a bit out of place among the surrounding rocks. The object is on the summit of the mountain, and it is massive with what UFO buffs describe as windows. The object is darker than its surroundings and has a familiar saucer-like shape with a raised center.

Skeptics, however, describe it as a piece of fictitious imagination, a classic example of blatant anthropomorphism. The evidence is too thin to be taken seriously, and it could also be a morphed image just to get some cheap publicity.