Android P release date tipped for August 20

Android P is dubbed as Google’s next-generation mobile operating system. Now, a recent leak suggests the company plans to release the OS in a matter of a few weeks. Credible leakster Evan Blass has tipped the release date of Google’s upcoming mobile operating system. According to him, the search engine giant could unveil Android P on August 20, which happens to be just a few weeks away.

While nothing is official at the moment, the date does fall in line with earlier Android releases. For instance, Google announced Android Oreo on August 21 last year, while Android Nougat was unveiled on August 22 back in 2016. If Google sticks to the same approach, Android P could see daylight around the same time frame. Also, given the credibility of the leakster, it’s safe to assume that Google might announce its next mobile operating system on August 20.

Google is yet to confirm what the P in Android P stands for,  though key sources suggest that the next version of Android could be called Android Pistachio. However, there are several candidates for the time being. Some even suggest it could be called Pumpkin or Pie. Though all these happen to fall in line with Google’s naming scheme for it’s mobile operating system, as the company usually names its new Android releases after some kind of sweet or desert.

As expected, Google’s latest Pixel range are typically the first set of devices to get the new Android version. And it appears the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL would be the first to come pre-installed with Android P, followed by other Android devices in the market.

In terms of new features, Android P will get dual-camera support from the get-go thanks to the new multi-camera API. Google has also added support for High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) directly into Android P. Now, this essentially allows the OS to compress images more efficiently without affecting the overall quality. Other notable features that’ll arrive with Android P include Notch support, along with a redesigned launcher and notifications panel.

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