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Amkette 4 Port Family Car Charger Review: Four Ports!

Amkette is serving us with its mobile accessories since a very long time, and we experienced some of the finest mobile accessories. Amkette now launched a family car charger for all the gadgets freaky people out there who don’t get time to charge their smartphone. So, charging all the devices at the same time in the car is about right, but most car chargers come with only two USB ports. This is the real deal breaker, but not anymore because Amkette car charger comes with four ports. Let’s check out how well it performs and do we need a car charger with four ports.

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The Amkette Family car charger comes with the primary car charger with two ports; this charger is then connected to another small unit with two USB port as well via a cable. The Car charger makes charging the devices possible for not only the driver but also the back seat passengers. If you are with your family going somewhere, then you need this charger every time because everyone has the gadget to spend the time on. Which means everyone now can use the charger to charge their device on the car. So, Amkette 4 port family car charger comes with four ports.

The whole unit is made of good quality of plastic, and the extended ports have a matte finish over it. The cable connected to the extended ports is long and can easily reach the back seat in any car. The extended ports module has a matte finish all over and comes with a clip-on. You can either clip the extra two port extension to the pocket of the seat, or you can stick it somewhere in the car.

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The clip on thing is made of plastic and is removable; it can be easily detached from the extra port modules. Amkette added a 3M tape stripe so you can stick the extra ports to want anywhere in the car. The cable attached to the extended ports module is 1.8 meters long, it can easily reach every part of the car. There is an LED indicator on the extended ports, as well as on the charger to show the status of the ports.

Coming to the performance, all the USB ports on this car charger support fast charging, so it doesn’t matter which port you choose to charge your phone. The charter identifies the type of device and changes the power output accordingly so that it won’t damage the device. The charging speed is enough fast for the devices which support fast charging, and it is also safe.


If you always find yourself in a situation where you have multiple devices sitting powerless in your car, then Amkette Car charger is the perfect solution for you. This Amkette 4 port family car charger is a lifesaver for all the devices. Amkette 4 Port family car charger is available for Rs. 1,999 on the official Amkette store.