Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB Gaming Headphones Review

As E-Sports picks up pace in the country, more and more young individuals invest in gaming products. However, one essential accessory that every gamer needs to perform better is a pair of good headphones.

While the market is filled with options at various price points, we gave a chance to EvoFox Nebula Gaming headphones from Amkette. In a typical gamer-focused look, these headphones come with RGB strips inside the earcups, have ample cushioning and a quality cable.

The Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB Gaming Headphones are being sold at a sticker price of INR 1,399. Should you pick a pair to elevate your gaming experience? Let us find out in our review.

Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB 12
Box Contents

  • Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB Gaming Headphones
  • Documentation & Warranty guide

Design & Fit

When it comes to design, the EvoFox Nebula RGB gaming headphones feel sturdy and well built. These have an over-the-ear design with a dual-head band setup. In addition, they have plenty of cushioning on the ear cups and the headband making them ideal for extended use. The entire construction is done with plastic with certain metal bits used for added rigidity.

Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB 11Since these are gaming-focused, you can miss the RGB setup. In this case, an LED strip runs inside the ear cups with an opening towards the outside, giving the LED space to shine through. The cups back large 50mm drivers and are covered with Protein leather that feels soft and premium. A boom mic is attached to the left ear cup, which can be adjusted as per the user’s liking.

Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB 12The brand has not provided many controls, and a single volume up and down slider can be found on the left earcup. The cable extending from the headphones is of good quality and can hold some rough usage. On the end of it lies the 3.5mm straight jack, though we would have liked an angled unit.


As mentioned above, these Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB Gaming Headphones pack a pair of 50mm drivers on either side. We passed the headphones through a stringent testing phase which included playing titles like Valorant, COD, and Apex Legends, titles that need razor-sharp audio and mic input. The headphones passed through all the tests with flying colors.

Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB 7We found the audio direct with a hint of bass and extra precision given to vocals. During our gameplay, the audio via the microphones was loud and crisp. None of our teammates in either title complained of audio glitches or artifacts. There is also a red LED on the end of the mic, which is a nifty addition. The lightweight design came in handy for an extended period of use, and while the cushioning is of decent quality, we lacked some extra support on the neckband.

Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB 6Another thing we noticed is that the max volume is a bit low compared to other gaming headsets and might be of concern for some users. On the other hand, the 2-meter long cable ensures you have enough space to maintain a healthy posture for prolonged gaming sessions. Coming to the RGB strips, they do look quirky and only cycle through a fixed pattern. Also, they get powered by a USB interface which needs to be plugged in separately, which further eats up an extra port.

Overall, we quite liked the Amkette EvoFox Nebula RGB Gaming Headphones, given the affordable price tag.