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Amazon Unveils Free AI Ready Courses to Expand Generative AI Expertise and Attract New Talent

In a strategic move to address the growing demand for skilled artificial intelligence (AI) professionals, Amazon has announced the launch of its free “AI Ready” training program. This ambitious initiative aims to equip two million individuals worldwide with foundational and advanced AI skills by the year 2025.

Key Highlights

  • Amazon’s “AI Ready” program will offer a comprehensive curriculum of eight online courses covering generative AI concepts and applications.
  • The program is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals in both technical and non-technical fields.
  • Amazon aims to democratize access to generative AI education, benefiting not only its own workforce but also its enterprise customers and AWS (Amazon Web Services) users.
  • The program will leverage Amazon’s proprietary AI platforms, including Bedrock AI and CodeWhisperer, to provide hands-on learning opportunities.

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Amazon’s decision to offer free AI training aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its AI capabilities and attract top talent in the field. The program is expected to address the current shortage of AI-skilled professionals, estimated to reach 4.5 million by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum.

Empowering a New Generation of AI Experts

The “AI Ready” program will provide participants with a solid foundation in generative AI, a rapidly evolving field that encompasses the development of intelligent systems capable of generating creative text, code, and other forms of content. The curriculum will cover topics such as machine learning, natural language processing, and prompt engineering.

The program’s flexibility caters to individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Beginners will gain a fundamental understanding of AI concepts, while experienced professionals can deepen their expertise and explore advanced applications.

Broadening Access to AI Education

Amazon’s commitment to democratizing AI education extends beyond its own workforce. The company recognizes the potential of AI to transform various industries, and the “AI Ready” program aims to equip a broader pool of individuals with the skills required to contribute to this transformation.

Enterprise customers and AWS users will benefit from a more readily available talent pool of AI-skilled professionals. The program will also foster innovation and collaboration across industries, as individuals apply their newfound expertise to solve real-world problems.

Leveraging Proprietary AI Platforms

The “AI Ready” program will integrate Amazon’s proprietary AI platforms, Bedrock AI and CodeWhisperer, to provide participants with hands-on learning experiences. Bedrock AI is a framework for building and deploying large language models, while CodeWhisperer is a tool that automatically generates code.

By incorporating these platforms into the training curriculum, Amazon is enabling participants to gain practical experience with cutting-edge AI technologies. This will prepare them for immediate contributions in the field of generative AI.

Amazon’s “AI Ready” program represents a significant step forward in addressing the global AI talent shortage. By providing free, accessible training to a diverse range of individuals, Amazon is empowering a new generation of AI experts and fostering innovation across industries. The program is a testament to Amazon’s commitment to democratizing AI education and leading the charge in the development and application of this transformative technology.