Amazon Prime Video in India: Why should you care about the new streaming service?

Did you recently join Amazon Prime in India and wondering what to do other than simply buying products? You can now do more. This is because Amazon Prime Video has launched in India. Available as part of the Prime subscription, you can use the Amazon Prime Video service for free if you are part of the Amazon Prime. Otherwise, you need to join the Prime service for one year by paying Rs. 499.

During the launch event, the US-based e-commerce giant disclosed that the Amazon Prime Video service is currently available across 242 countries across the world.

Amazon Prime Video Price and Features

Even though the Prime Video service will be available at a price of $2.99 per month, customers based in India can enjoy the rich benefits of the new video service provided they are part of the Amazon Prime.

In reality, the Amazon Prime video costs Rs. 100 per month. You can enjoy special benefits such as exclusive access to latest movies, TV shows including award-winning Amazon Originals. With Amazon Prime video, you will have access to exclusive Bollywood and regional blockbusters including Hollywood movies, US TV shows, Kids shows and much more.

Amazon Prime Video Compatability

You can watch videos from within your smartphone, tablet, gaming console or Smart TV. Moreover, you can use up to three gadgets at once. It is also possible to download and watch videos offline on Android or iOS gadget. To address the demands of low bandwidth users, you can watch videos which are optimized for low data usage.

If you are already a member of Amazon Prime, you can join Amazon Prime video for free. You will be eligible to avail free shipping with free, discounted one day and two day delivery till the end of Prime membership. The main attraction of Amazon Prime is that you can order products for any value without any extra shipping charges for Amazon Fulfilled items.

If you compare Amazon Prime Video with Netflix, you will find it cheaper because Netflix costs Rs. 500 per month for a screen subscription with only Standard definition streaming. If you prefer HD and two screens, you will have to costs Rs. 650 per month. As regards, HD, Ultra HD and four screens, you will have to pay Rs. 800.

As of writing this, Amazon Prime Video can be accessed on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets only.


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