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Amazon launches Echo Auto in India for Rs. 4,999

Amazon has lately been focussing a lot on its Alexa-powered smart speakers. And now, the e-commerce giant has launched a new Echo product in India, dubbed as Amazon Echo Auto. As the name suggests, the device is meant to be used on the car’s dashboard following which you can enjoy the Amazon Alexa voice assistant right in your vehicle.

Amazon Echo Auto: Specs, Features

For starters, the Amazon Echo Auto is a small, power bank like device that weighs just 45 grams and fits easily in your car’s dash. Notably, it gets its power through the vehicle’s 12V charging socket or USB port. And then, it can connect to your car’s stereo system for audio playback using either a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable or Bluetooth connection.

For obvious reasons, it doesn’t have built-in speakers. Nonetheless, it gets a total of eight microphones, ready to listen ‘Alexa’ wake word on the go. Furthermore, there are two buttons on the device, including an action button and a mute microphone button, followed by the indicator light at the front.

Just like Echo Dot, the Echo Auto allows access to music, audiobooks, information on landmarks and points of interest, Alexa Skills, and more. Additionally, you can also control smart home appliances, set reminders, add tasks to your to-do list and check them off when they’re complete, build your shopping list or manage your calendar—all of this while on commute.

Lastly, the Echo Auto gets powered by MediaTek MT7697 processor and can also handle hands-free voice-control over your smartphone, including access to calls, messages, and more.

Price, Availability

The Echo Auto price in India has been set at Rs. 4,999. The device is currently up for pre-orders and can be bought via Amazon with shipping starting January 15.

As of now, Amazon sells a wide range of smart speakers on its platform, comprising Echo Dot 3rd Gen, Echo 3rd Gen, Echo Spot and more. Recent launches from the company include Echo Input Portable, Echo Flex, and Echo Studio.