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Amazon Fire TV Stick: A Perfect Gift for Diwali

Amazon has brought its Amazon Prime streaming service in India with its Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is a video streaming device for TV. It is a small device which connects to the HDMI port of the TV, your Wi-Fi network and provides a smart interface. It supports a lot of apps like Netflix, TED, Hotstar, Gaana and much more, which you can install via the app store. Amazon Fire TV Stick is available on Amazon store at Rs. 3,999 which can be the perfect gift for your loved ones this Diwali.

Amazon Fire TV Stick comes in a small and compact packaging with all the basic accessories packed with it. The box holds the TV Stick itself, a Bluetooth enabled voice remote, two AAA batteries for remote, power adapter, USB cable, and HDMI extender cable.

It just needed to be connected to one of the TVs HDMI port and to the power outlet using the power brick and the data cable provided. Just turn your TV on and you will get the setup screen; connect it to the Wi-Fi network and the Amazon ID. There you have a Smart HD TV with all the movies and TV shows at your fingertips.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is very small and compact which connects to the back of the TV and stays invisible from eyes. The remote is Bluetooth and there is no need to point it to the TV to work, once paired to Fire TV Stick and it’s done. You don’t even have to worry about any power outlet if not available, you can connect it to one of the spare USB port on the TV, so whenever you turn on the tv, the Fire TV Stick powers on automatically.

The interface of the TV Stick is fluid and very easy to use, if you ever used any gaming console before like X-Box or PlayStation then it will be very easy for you. There are four tabs at the top like video, apps, games, and settings, you can navigate via the navigation buttons on the remote and there are some shortcuts too. The store is there which lets you install apps and games but they are in limited quantity, there are very less (almost none) games but plenty of video content apps including the YouTube. But the app needs more refining because the YouTube apps lack the video quality toggle button, the quality changes automatically according to the internet speed.

The performance of the Fire TV Stick is amazing and I am very well satisfied with it. The TV Stick solves the purpose for what it is made and everyone in the family will like it too because of the quantity of the video content it delivers. For video content, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has every app which you can think of or you like. Other than that, Amazon Prime video service itself has a massive library with a huge amount of TV shows and movies. The voice search in the remote works great but the remote lacks the volume control button, I have seen some Android TV boxes which comes with volume control in remote control.

So, this Diwali you know what to gift your relatives and friends, they will absolutely like this gift and even you can buy it for your not smart TV and turn it into a smart TV with voice search. The price of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is Rs. 3,999 and subscription to the Amazon Prime service, which includes free video streaming, is Rs. 999 for a whole year.