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Google Play Movies gets 4K HDR playback support

Google added 4K HDR playback support for the Google Play Movies and TV app. The 4K playback was already there in the Movies and TV app, but the content doesn’t support HDR playback till now. So, if you own a device (like 4K TV) which supports 4K HDR, now you can enjoy the amazing image quality while playing movies or TV series from Google Play Movies and TV.

This video quality will also work on some of the smartphones which support 4K HDR playback. Sony Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6, and Samsung Galaxy S8 are some of the smartphones supports 4K HDR playback. Google’s main focus is to provide the HDR compatible TVs with Chromecast built in. But you can also see the HDR quality videos using a Chromecast Ultra plugged into your HDR supported TV.

Well, there is not much content on Google Play Movies and TV for now, but Google is trying hard to grow the list shortly. The movies which are available in HDR quality will be mentioned in listing page in the app. To check out all the HDR quality movies, you can simply search for HDR in the Movies and TV app. The content is now only available in US and Canada and will roll out very soon to other countries.