Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa voice remote launched in India for Rs 3,999

As you know, Amazon also excels in making smart home devices like Fire TV sticks, and Echo-series of Alexa powered smart speakers. Last year, the e-commerce giant introduced the FireTV Stick 4K in India priced at Rs 5,999. Now, the company has launched a revised version of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with an upgraded Alexa voice remote in the country for Rs. 3,999.

There’s not much of difference between the freshly unveiled Amazon Fire TV Stick and the FireTV Stick 4K that arrived back in October. In fact, both are exactly the same except for the minor changes in remote and different price tags.

To recall, the original FireTV came with a simple voice remote. It was later upgraded with the FireTV Stick 4K model. The 4K model bought nifty upgrades including an advanced processor, 4K playback, Dolby Atmos and HDR10 support. However, a new Alexa-powered smart remote control backed all of this instead of the typical voice remote.

Now, the new edition brings a similar Alexa remote which now offers dedicated buttons onboard. The Alexa Voice Remote makes use of Bluetooth and infrared technology to let you control your TV and Fire TV Stick simultaneously. With volume, mute and power buttons, you can control your TV without using its native remote controller. This makes it really convenient and easy for the user as all work can be done through a single controller.

Thus, now you can ask Alexa on your TV to book a cab for you, play a movie from your Amazon Prime Account or enjoy a show from one of the connected apps, that too without lifting your fingertips.

“Fire TV Stick has truly bought back entertainment into the living room. Today, we are delighted to make Alexa an integral part of this experience. The Alexa Voice Remote incorporates significant customer feedback to include TV Controls and avoid fumbling for multiple remotes,” said Jayshree Gururaj, Director of Amazon Devices.

Anyways, even if you have an older Fire TV Stick, you can get benefits of Alexa’s voice-based features with a simple upgrade. All you need to do is buy the new Alexa Remote which Amazon will be selling separately for Rs. 1,999. Amazon will be pushing a software update on the old dongle to make it compatible with the new accessory.

As a part of an introductory offer, the company is offering the Alexa voice remote for a discounted price. Under which, you can buy the new remote at Rs. 999, for a limited period. Note that the 4K model of the Amazon Fire TV Stick already has the new Alexa voice remote.