Amazfit adding a new premium range in the GT series; GTR 4 for Rs.15,299, sale starting from 15th September

Amazfit, a leading global smart wearables brand of Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP) has unveiled its brand-new flagship smartwatch, the Amazfit GTR 4. The model packs a suite of cutting-edge health and fitness features into a sleek and stylish design and debuts the upgraded Zepp OS 2.0, for a truly optimized user experience.

Exciting Highlights

  • Phone-free experience with music storage and Bluetooth phone calls
  • Dual-band and 6 satellite positioning system with Industry-first Dual-band Circularly-polarized GPS Antenna Technology.
  • Ultra Long battery life with easy 24/7 health management features
  • Over 150 Sports Modes and Smart Recognition of Strength Training Exercises.
  • Large AMOLED display and Lightweight design

Strong and Precise GPS Positioning

Representing an industry-first, the Amazfit GTR 4 has been built with dual-band circularly-polarized GPS antenna technology. It also supports five satellite positioning systems (with a 6th being added in an upcoming firmware update) and can be used to track users’ real-time GPS movement. In future, users will also be able to import route files and navigate them in real-time, directly on the display.

Battery-Life that Goes the Distance

The Amazfit GTR 4 can last for an ultra-long 14 days with typical usage. The smartwatch debut an upgraded Battery Saver Mode that enables continued use of features like sports modes, measurement of health metrics, basic sleep monitoring, and more, while conserving power for extended usage.

Prime Personal Assistance

The ultimate online assistant, Amazon Alexa, is built into the Amazfit GTR 4 and is featured as a quick-access widget on one of the downloadable watch faces. When without internet access, the smartwatch also features an offline voice assistant, which can be used for tasks like opening a sports mode via voice control. Users can even receive and answer Bluetooth phone calls using the built-in microphone and speaker, to keep up with professional and personal contacts.

Advanced Fitness Support and accurate features

To deliver on the promise of Smart Fitness Made Easy, users can choose from more than 150 sports modes, including many kinds of walking, running, cycling, and swimming modes. The Amazfit GTR 4 can even automatically recognize 15 strength training exercises (increasing to 25 exercises after an upcoming update), along with eight sports movements. Personalized templates for interval training for 10 different sports can be created directly on the watch display, and the brand’s self-developed PeakBeatsTM Workout Status Algorithm will provide performance data like VO2 Max after any workout is completed. The Amazfit GTR 4 debuted the brand’s self-developed BioTrackerTM 4.0PPG biometric optical sensor.

Music Storage and Live Sports Data Broadcast

Thanks to the built-in speaker, both smartwatches can now store music for independent playback, as well as be used to control the music on the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth. The Amazfit GTR 4 is also able to broadcast real-time sports mode data like heart rate, workout duration and distance, and even hydration reminders via the speaker or the user’s Bluetooth headphones, eliminating the need to raise the wrist throughout an activity to check performance data.

Upgraded Zepp OS 2.0

Amazfit’s powerful and easy-to-use Zepp OS operating system has been upgraded. Along with super-smooth interactions and a smartwatch-tailored UI designed to consume less power, users can now select one of two app menu layout styles and more natural or vibrant colour schemes. The extended array of downloadable mini apps has also added “Baby Records”, which allows users to record their baby’s sleep and feeding times, plus two brand-new downloadable games, along with the GoPro and Home Connect third-party apps.

Premium Display and Vibrant Color Options

With a design inspired by modern sports cars, the Amazfit GTR 4 boasts a 1.43″ HD AMOLED display that offers 200+ watch face selections with matching always-on displays.

Pricing and Availability

GTR 4 – The smartwatch is crafted with a metallic middle frame and comes in two stunning colours including Superspeed Black, and Racetrack Grey. The crown of each model also features red detailing and a tire tread-like texture, adding a touch of adventure to the all-business design and the watch will be available on Flipkart and Amazfit’s official website

*Exciting deals*- The brand will provide a limited quantity of straps as a gift on the purchase of GTR 4.

Apart from this, Flipkart has announced a quiz event in which the participants will have to answer simple questions and the 20 lucky winners will get a chance to win the Amazfit GTR 4.

GTR 4 is available for INR 15,299 which is inclusive of bank offers and the sale will begin on 15th September, at 12 PM after the sale offer, it will be retailing for INR.16,999