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All new Kindle Paperwhite, Paperwhite Signature Edition, and Paperwhite for Kids launched

Amazon has launched the new generation Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition eReader devices, with the latter being a special edition version of the new Paperwhite. Amazon said almost everything with the latest Paperwhite is new, which includes a more advanced hardware setup, faster performance, a brighter display, and longer lasting batteries. Then there also is the new user interface as well that leads to a more immersive reading experience than ever before.

Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition specifications

Display and Build

Both the Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite Signature Edition come with a 6.8-inch display which is easily the largest ever on any Kindle Paperwhite device so far and is bordering the 7-inch Kindle Oasis territory. The display also offers enhanced brightness, which Amazon said is 10 percent brighter at its max setting. This together with the 300 ppi pixel density makes the display sharper and brighter to allow for greater reading pleasure.

The increase in display size meanwhile had had the opposite effect on the bezels, which has shrunk to just 10.2 mm this time. The display is also flush with the bezels, all of which make the new Paperwhite range quite a looker too even though the bottom chin continues to be thick and pronounced. The Paperwhite comes with an IPx8 rating for water and dust resistance.

Battery life and charging

Battery life that has already been one of the biggest positives with any Kindle eReader device has got a further fillip to now being able to sustain operations for 10-weeks on a single charge. While that’s really impressive, there is now a USB-C port on board as well to allow for faster recharges, which is claimed to be 2.5 hours to attain full charge from zero.

Another unique aspect of the new Paperwhite is that it is the first to support wireless charging even though this is exclusive to only the Signature Edition. It’s going to be compatible with any Qi wireless charger though Amazon is also offering a $30 charging dock which has to be procured separately.

Performance and storage

There is no word yet on the processor type though Amazon is claiming pages would turn 20 percent faster. The company also added the new Paperwhite has been made from 70 percent recycled magnesium and 60 percent recycled plastics. Coming to storage onboard, the base Kindle Paperwhite will have 8 GB of it while the Paperwhite Signature Edition will come with 32 GB storage.

Price and availability

The Paperwhite will set you back Rs. 13,999 while the Signature Edition is priced at Rs. 17,999. Both come with a free Kindle Unlimited subscription valid for four months.

Then there also is the Kindle Paperwhite for Kids which is basically the same device but with a kid-oriented cover. It is priced at $160 in the US and comes with a two-year warranty and Amazon Kids+ for one year. The Kindle Paperwhite for Kids however is yet to launch in India.

All the three Paperwhite models are on pre-order starting today. The Kindle Paperwhite starts shipping from October 27 while the Signature Edition will ship starting November 4.

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