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Is alien craft sucking energy from the sun? UFO buffs says yes

A recent picture from NASA has once again caused an uproar on the web and UFO buffs are terming it as another proof that aliens exist. The picture in question is an image which shows a large white structure hovering over the sun. UFO experts believe that it is some kind of alien craft which is sucking energy from the sun in the form of a plasma stream.

They are calling it Plasma –Sun energy theory which envisages some harvesting of materials by alien technology, like solar wind, from a star for use. This theory has the backing of UFO hunter and enthusiast Scott Waring and he said that the spotting of an alien ship around the Sun has not occurred for the first time and has been viewed in the past also.

The hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence has become something of a foregone conclusion to the extent that scientists and astronomers are predicting that humankind will make contact with intelligent beings in the coming decades. However, prominent astronomers are warning of the impending pitfalls of trying to contact aliens. Many feel that it could also mean the start of the decimation of the human race. Today scientists talk about helping the human race survive from extinctions shortly. For this, they have set their eyes on earth like planets in the close vicinity of our Milky Way galaxy.

This has become even more important after the realization that the resources on our plan are not endless and infinite. One day in the near future mankind will exhaust all the resources and will be forced to seek other worlds. Therefore it is possible that aliens after exhausting their planetary system of all resources have turned their attention to other distant worlds.

UFO buffs are saying that alien civilization have already made contact with humanity and it is only some time before the truth will have to be revealed by powerful governments of the world.