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Is that an Alien ship on Mars? NASA picture shows crashed UFO

UFO buffs have claimed that they have discovered a crashed Alien Mother Ship in a NASA picture of the Red Planet’s surface. There have been claims that NASA astronauts may be able to fly the allegedly highly advanced alien technology which was abandoned on Mars. However, these claims have been dismissed by skeptics as the creation of an overactive imagination.

One UFO expert claimed that the photographic evidence hints that a gigantic 190 meters saucer shaped craft has crashed on the red planet’s surface maybe thousands or even millions of year ago at a very small angle ending up half buried in the loose red Martian soil.

The alleged object is located in the Medusa Fossae formation looks more like a rock, but UFO buffs contend that it is a spacecraft which has crash landed. The UFO experts also add that the geological feature extends more than 1000 kilometers close to the red planet’s equator. The location is dangerous for space ships because another crashed spacecraft was noticed in the pictures sent by the High-Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) aboard the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft in 2005.

Another self-proclaimed UFO experts said that the object is indeed a mother alien ship which crash landed softly and the long and turned landing tracks can be seen behind the alien craft. However Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual thinks that it is more likely to be a natural geological formation though he is quick to add that the added mystery that the images have been removed to hide something makes the claims plausible.

Seth Shostak who is an American Astronomer and the current Senior Researcher at the SETI Institute warns that the world is not prepared if the aliens visit the planet. He even compared the situation to be something like the Neanderthals having a plan in case the US Air Force showed up