Akamai Elevates Cloud Computing with Launch of Gecko Initiative

Akamai Elevates Cloud Computing with Launch of Gecko Initiative

In a bold move to redefine cloud computing, Akamai Technologies has unveiled its Gecko Initiative, setting a new precedent for edge computing services. This strategic step not only expands Akamai’s footprint in the cloud computing landscape but also introduces a series of innovative services designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises and developers. Through the Gecko Initiative, Akamai aims to bridge the gap between traditional cloud services and the burgeoning demand for distributed, edge-based computing solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of five new cloud computing sites in Paris, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, and Chennai, enhancing Akamai’s global network.
  • Introduction of new premium instances and doubling of object storage capacity to one petabyte.
  • Debut of Akamai Global Load Balancer, integrating Linode’s local load balancing with Akamai’s global traffic management capabilities.
  • Expansion into seven new global core compute regions, including Amsterdam, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Osaka, and São Paulo.

Akamai Elevates Cloud Computing with Launch of Gecko Initiative

Akamai’s strategy involves a significant departure from the centralized model of cloud computing, opting instead for a distributed approach that places cloud services closer to end users. This initiative is built on the backbone of Akamai’s existing network infrastructure, leveraging the company’s acquisition of Linode to fast-track its cloud computing ambitions​​​​​​.

The Gecko Initiative reflects Akamai’s vision for the next decade of cloud computing, emphasizing low-latency, high-performance workloads ideal for streaming media, gaming, and e-commerce applications. By doubling down on object storage capacity and introducing new premium instances, Akamai ensures consistent performance and simpler management across its cloud services​​.

Akamai’s new cloud computing sites are strategically located to serve key markets and address challenges such as data sovereignty in the European Union and IT infrastructure needs. These efforts are complemented by the launch of the Akamai Global Load Balancer, which promises enhanced traffic routing and no single point of failure, ensuring optimal data center utilization to minimize latency​​​​.

The initiative is part of Akamai Connected Cloud, a comprehensive platform that combines cloud computing, security, and content delivery to keep applications closer to users while maintaining a robust defense against online threats. With plans to further expand its network of global core compute regions,IT infrastructure is positioning itself as a formidable player in the cloud computing arena, challenging the status quo and offering a viable alternative to legacy IT infrastructure​​​​.

Akamai’s Gecko Initiative marks a significant pivot in cloud computing, addressing the critical need for distributed, edge-focused infrastructure. This move not only diversifies Akamai’s service offerings but also aligns with the future of internet usage and enterprise needs. By leveraging its vast network and the strategic acquisition of Linode, Akamai is poised to offer unparalleled scalability, performance, and flexibility. The initiative’s focus on reducing latency, enhancing performance, and providing a globally distributed platform is a game-changer, potentially reshaping how businesses deploy and manage their digital assets in the cloud. As the cloud computing landscape evolves, Akamai’s Gecko Initiative stands out as a forward-thinking approach that could redefine industry standards and user expectations.

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