Airtel ‘spy code’: Indian Techie threatened with a criminal lawsuit

Bengaluru: Bengaluru-based programmer Thejesh GN, the guy behind exposing an Israeli firm helping Airtel (BHARTIARTL) to ‘spy’ on users and make money from them, has been threatened with a criminal lawsuit.

The techie had accused Airtel of ‘spying’ after he found a javascript injected in his website.

Although, Airtel denied all the allegations experts claimed that injecting any sort of code without the permission of the user is illegal.

Indian Techie Exposes  Airtel’s ‘spy code’

The legal notice served to Thejesh from Flash Networks demands” an unconditional apology” from him.

Flash Networks describes itself as a provider of mobile Internet optimization and monetization solutions, helping telecom operators to boost their network speeds.

Airtel has been facing troubling times ever since the issue net neutrality was raked up. Now, to control further damage to its reputation, the company has distanced itself from the episode.

It claims to have nothing to do with the cease and desist letter mailed to Thejesh on June 8.

Thejesh’s lawyer Lawrence Liang in turn served a legal notice to Flash Networks asking for an unconditional apology for violating his client’s privacy as well as inserting a malicious code into his website.

The starting point of the whole episode was slow and sluggish performance of the programmer’s website on Airtel 3G even though it was functioning properly on his broadband connection.

Being an experienced programmer, Thejesh soon discovered an unauthorized bit of code to be the cause of the problem.

Upon uncovering the issue, he decided to bring it out in open and have discussion which is of immense public interest. What’s your take on the story? Have your say in the comments section below!

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