AirAsia, Indigo and SpiceJet offer domestic flight tickets starting Rs 511

Earlier it was reported that SpiceJet has given offers on its ticket both international and domestic to celebrate its 11th year anniversary. But now both SpiceJet and Indigo are also providing offers on its tickets to lure more passengers on its flight.

SpiceJet started its midnight sale on its ticket from 17th May till 19th May.

The one-way flight ticket offering ranges from Rs 511 for domestic flights and Rs 2,111 (excluding taxes) on International flights. The travelling period for a domestic flight is from June 15 to September 30 and for International flight is between the period of June 1 to July 20.

On the other hand, AirAsia is giving a 50% discount on the return flights. The booking for the discounted tickets is available until Wednesday. Whereas the tickets price will be available as low as Rs 511 for the same. Discounted tickets are also available for International flights.

Seeing the competition Indigo has also dropped its tickets price for its domestic routes. For routes such as Jammu-Srinagar, Srinagar-Chandigarh the tickets are available at Rs 800 and for Goa-Mumbai the tickets are available at Rs 924. For Ahmedabad-Mumbai route, the ticket is available at Rs 1,050. This offer is only valid for the month of July 4 to September 30.

Previous data’s have shown that between the month of July to September the travelling mainly goes down. This leads to losing of for the aircraft and so to attract the consumers the aircraft start giving new offers to increase its customer base. Also the fact remains that Indigo and SpiceJet has added more craft in recent time.

The tickets will not only be available on the company’s official website but can also be booked from other travel portals.

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