AI Search Startup Perplexity Adds Veterans of Google, Bing as Advisers AI Search Startup Perplexity Adds Veterans of Google, Bing as Advisers

AI Search Startup Perplexity Adds Veterans of Google, Bing as Advisers

AI search startup Perplexity, backed by Jeff Bezos, adds Google and Bing veterans as advisers, aiming to challenge Google’s dominance with its innovative AI-driven approach.

San Francisco-based AI search engine startup Perplexity is making headlines with the recent addition of prominent tech veterans from Google and Bing to its advisory board. This strategic move comes as Perplexity aims to challenge the dominance of Google in the search engine market with its innovative AI-driven approach.

High-Profile Advisers Join Perplexity

Perplexity has attracted notable figures such as Susan Wojcicki, former CEO of YouTube, and Jeff Dean, Google’s chief scientist and a key figure in the development of Google Brain. Their involvement signals confidence in Perplexity’s potential to disrupt the search engine landscape. Wojcicki and Dean bring a wealth of experience and expertise, which is expected to be pivotal in guiding Perplexity’s growth and technological development​​.

Backed by Major Investors

The startup, founded in August 2022, has quickly gained traction, raising $73.6 million in its latest funding round led by IVP, with participation from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, and Shopify co-founder Tobias Lütke. This funding round has valued Perplexity at approximately $520 million​​. The investment underscores the growing interest and belief in AI-powered search technologies.

Unique AI-Driven Search Approach

Perplexity’s platform leverages generative AI to provide users with direct answers to their queries, bypassing traditional search results pages filled with links. This approach aims to simplify the user experience by delivering concise, accurate responses directly. The company’s Pro version offers access to various large language models, including OpenAI’s GPT-4, Anthropic’s Claude, and Google’s Gemini, allowing users to tailor their search experience​​.

Rapid User Growth

Since its launch, Perplexity has seen rapid growth, amassing over 10 million monthly active users and handling more than half a billion queries in 2023 alone. The company’s mobile apps have been installed by more than a million users on both iOS and Android platforms​​. This significant user base highlights the increasing demand for AI-driven search solutions.

Challenges Ahead

Despite its impressive growth, Perplexity faces substantial challenges in taking on Google, which commands about 90% of the search engine market. Google’s longstanding dominance and extensive resources make it a formidable competitor. However, Perplexity’s founders believe their AI-native approach can carve out a significant niche in the market by offering a more efficient and user-friendly search experience​.

Perplexity plans to use its recent funding to expand its team and continue developing its AI capabilities. The company aims to enhance its platform and further refine its search algorithms to provide even more accurate and relevant results. With the backing of high-profile investors and the guidance of seasoned tech veterans, Perplexity is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the search engine industry.

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