Adobe Unveils AI Object Editing Tools for Premiere Pro Adobe Unveils AI Object Editing Tools for Premiere Pro

Adobe Unveils AI Object Editing Tools for Premiere Pro

Adobe previews AI object editing in Premiere Pro – add, remove, and generate video elements with ease. Streamline your editing workflow.

Adobe is revolutionizing video editing with the preview of breakthrough AI-powered tools for its popular Premiere Pro software. These innovative features will empower video editors to seamlessly add or remove objects from their footage, opening up a realm of creative possibilities and streamlining post-production workflows.

Adobe’s long-standing commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into its creative tools is once again showcased with the introduction of AI object manipulation for Premiere Pro. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, these tools provide unprecedented flexibility in altering video content.

One of the most remarkable features is Object Addition & Removal. Editors will be able to easily select and track objects within a video scene. From there, they can remove unwanted elements, replace distracting items, or even introduce entirely new objects. Imagine seamlessly erasing a distracting power line in a landscape shot, changing the color of a piece of clothing on an actor, or adding a decorative piece of furniture to a room – all without complex masking or rotoscoping.

Adobe is also previewing Generative Extend, a powerful tool that addresses a persistent problem faced by editors: insufficiently long clips. With Generative Extend, users will be able to add frames to clips, providing more flexibility for transitions and timing edits. It leverages AI to analyze the existing footage and synthesize new frames, saving editors precious time.

Further enhancing the creative potential is Adobe’s “Text to Video” feature. This exciting technology allows editors to generate entirely new video footage directly within Premiere Pro. By simply providing a text prompt or uploading a reference image, users can create visuals on the fly. This opens the door to rapid ideation, storyboard creation, and the generation of dynamic B-roll footage.

These transformative AI features are currently in the preview stage and slated for release later this year. Adobe continues to push the boundaries of creative technology, empowering video professionals with powerful and intuitive tools, and these advancements are a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation.

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