ACT Fibernet launches Senior Citizen Program for elderly customers in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai

In an endeavour to provide seamless customer service to the senior citizens, ACT Fibernet, one of India’s largest fiber broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider), today launched a unique Senior Citizen Program in all the cities. This is one of the industry’s first initiatives geared at making customer care and service perks more accessible to senior citizens. The program will not only assist them in quicker problem resolution, but also in other parts of their digital life such as Smart TV setup, basic app setup, Skype, shopping, doctor visits, and so on.

During the Covid pandemic, we observed that many senior citizens stayed indoors predominantly for extended periods of time. Internet became their only form of connection to the outside world. However, it is seen that senior citizens sometimes find it challenging to navigate and solve technical problems on their own. Things that we consider simple – a skype setup, a camera setup, configuration of Wi-Fi passwords etc.

In line with this thought, the ACT Senior Citizen Program will enable them to embrace everyday digital life with ease. Not only will the senior citizens get faster resolution of their queries, they will also have easy access to customer service and benefits connected to the setup/restoration of internet-related devices such as Smart TVs, smart speakers, connectivity setup such as email, Skype, WhatsApp, and so on.  Our field and call center teams are trained to assist our senior citizen customers through all their queries.  We initially launched this program in Chennai and after successfully running it for a year, it is now being expanded to all the cities.

To avail the benefits, customers need to register with ACT as a senior citizens from their registered mobile number. The identified registered mobile numbers of customer who are > 65 years of age are routed through a dedicated queue to ensure smooth transition and client handling. There are specially trained customer care representatives, network engineers who will be taking care senior citizen customers and will provide all necessary information and guidance.  A special team of trained service employees have been identified to assist on the field.

 “The demand for technical assistance was a common query from our senior customers during the lockdown period. We wanted to do our part and make their digital journey uncomplicated. Senior Citizen Program is for all ACT customers who are above 65 years of age. We are pleased to introduce this initiative which is one-of-a-kind across our industry, and we use this as an opportunity to serve the society, especially to the elderly citizens.” said Bala Malladi, Chief Executive Officer, Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.

ACT Fibernet is strongly driven with the passion to provide the best service to all its customers. The Senior Citizen program is a testament to the brands continuous efforts to elevate customer experience and contribute to society and senior citizen care.