Acer’s first Windows Mixed Reality Headset Launched

India’s first Windows Mixed Reality headset was recently launched by Acer at the Grand Finale event of its Predator League. Acer being one of the top PC makers in a global market has brought to its users a WorldScale MR experience backed by 6 Degrees of Freedom positional tracking along with a 13-foot cable that provides the feasibility of proper movement. The headset flaunts an Immersive Visual experience with ultra-high resolution display of 1440×1440 for each eye.

The device cumulates the effects of wireless motion controllers along with Windows Mixed Reality that helps the people immerse in a virtual world that allows them to interact with other folks in the real world without having to remove the headset. This World scale level of Mixed reality experience is much more flexible and robust when compared to any Desk or Room scale experience. This Mixed reality experience allows the users travel far off destinations from the comfort of the room or play exciting games and even travel across the time and space within the four walls of their home.

Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO, and Consumer Business Head commented regarding the headset during the launch and said,” We are extremely thrilled to launch India’s 1st mixed reality headset in collaboration with Microsoft. By introducing the mixed reality headset, we aim to bring best of our innovations to Indian customers. The Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset offers a plethora of exciting and engaging content that is continually evolving. It’s ergonomic design, vibrant display and motion controllers make it the revolutionary device for those who embrace virtual reality and look for the best in technology.”

Immersive Technology

The headset provides a wide 95-degree field of view with its 2.89-inch high-resolution liquid crystal display. The mesmerizing 2880×1440 resolution gives you an incredible, interactive as well as immersive virtual reality experience. The headset also provides a high refresh rate of maximum 90Hz that delivers crystal clear and realistic images.

Lightweight and comfortable

This headset has been designed to ensure it isn’t heavy on your head. The adjustment options provided in the headbands allow a perfect fit which is double-padded with the durable sweat-resistant material.

Flexible Interaction

Along with flexibility, the Mixed Reality also gives users the chance to interact directly with their surroundings. One can easily interact with the software by the use of voice, gaze, and gestures along with traditional input devices such as keyboards, mice, and controllers.

The camera is featured inside the headset with inside-out tracking. The headset automatically installs the required software upon being connected with Windows Mixed reality-ready PC. This provides the user with a mixed reality experience anywhere they want. With the 6-degrees of freedom positional tracking, users can move forward/back, left/right, up/down along with roll, yaw, and pitch. The headset also comes with a 13-foot long cable that allows wide flexibility. The headset can easily be connected to the PC via HDMI 2.0 and downloads can be done via a USB 3.0.