9 ways to earn gold quickly in World of Warcraft Classic 9 ways to earn gold quickly in World of Warcraft Classic

9 ways to earn gold quickly in World of Warcraft Classic

Many of those who have played WoW would say that gold is the most common item in the game. The currency used to fall off almost every monster, and many of the quests most often had it as a reward. However, in the Classic type of the game it is not like that at all, here you need to try very hard in order to receive gold. But to help you understand how to earn gold faster, we have compiled this six-points guide.

  1. As your levels go up, acquire professions

Pick up only gathering professions at the beginning as you progress from level 1 to level 60. These are typically herbing and mining, however casting spells also counts because you can spread useless gear and market the resources that arise from it. Instead, rather than gathering things for personal use, sell them to those who work in more conventionally created fields. 

  1. Pick most effective occupation for accumulating

Herbalism is especially important at early stages of the game because there is a very significant risk of harm and death since some players use potions almost rapidly, such as healing cures and protective elixirs. It may be less costly to remove skins because all you have to do is kill monsters and skin them, but pumping won’t be affected as much. Also, noteworthy is the fact that node rivalry isn’t as fierce as it is for herbalism and mining resources. Mining is advantageous to two professions which are: blacksmithing and engineering, that demand rises as players approach their max level. 

  1. Use the booster services

As we have already mentioned, in order to earn gold in WoW Classic apart from the skills you need a lot of free time to devote to the game. However, not everyone has such an opportunity, and here are very helpful boosting services, where you can find WoW Classic gold and purchase the right amount just for yourself. The key point here is to use only trusted and professional services so that the security of your account is guaranteed. 

  1. Make new character

Consider making the second character an enchanter if you want to have many of them active and boost everyone all at once. You need to surely enhance this character so that you may continue to cast things of greater levels. To achieve this, your enchantment skill must also increase. Concentrate on spraying entry-level goods while pumping your main character so you can stay up with them. Usually, it makes little sense to build lower level amulets. Compared to the green and blue items they were derived from, enchantment materials can be more beneficial.

  1. Regularly check the auction house

In addition, it’s a good idea to spend some time each day looking at the current prices of low-level enchantment materials, and then checking the prices of green items that people are putting up for sale and that can be dispersed at a profit. This way of earning has certain risks, if you make the wrong decision and spend a lot of gold on items or resources that then will be very difficult to resell and you do not get a profit from them. Such an approach is obviously not for faint-hearted players, but it certainly provides you with an opportunity to win a lot of money.

  1. Make use of crafting professions

While crafting professions are far more attractive to those looking for quick gold, for players who find the right strategies and take the time to upgrade their crafting, there are opportunities to make a pretty penny on crafting professions. But keep in mind that your crafting profession is about more than just the BoP items you make for yourself. Find out what are the most in-demand items that you can make, and then start your small business. 

  1. Go for dungeon farming

It is far more difficult to obtain uncommon items in WoW Classic since many of them are global, which may be discovered anywhere in the game world that is inhabited by creatures of a specific rank. However, there are several materials that are suitable for sale and are in demand by artisans. These resources may be found in dungeons, where you won’t have to battle other players for them. It’s vital to either kill enemies personally or hide from them if you’re farming dungeons for goodies. Additionally, there are Hunters and other lone classes that can easily defeat creatures on their own and leave behind some valuable ones. 

  1. Be cautious before purchasing

Never spend more gold than you can afford to after you have enough gold to buy upgrades, repairs, and new talents. Don’t purchase resources for your profession, instead, farm them later or wait till their prices fall before purchasing. Avoid buying equipment if you can make it yourself or get the components you need via hunting. Avoid making any frivolous purchases so that, when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll have more than enough money to buy a larger item that you actually are in need of.

  1. Use every time available

Unless you’re doing some quest or killing someone, go fishing. However, if you have a few free minutes before your friends enter the game, use them to find monsters, so that you can kill them and skin afterwards. Alternatively, you can browse the auction house and look there for items to spray, or materials that you can combine into a more expensive item using your professions.

Now that you know all the secrets of earning gold in WoW Classic, we advise you not to waste your time and get straight to practice in real life. By using the tips that we covered above, you will be able to earn gold much faster and become a more skillful player.