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5 ways to make your post on Instagram to go viral

A chance to buy likes on Instagram is not the only method you can use to make your post go viral on Insta, actually – there are still free methods and tools that work quite well and help advanced and beginner bloggers to change things for the best. Whatever you have been thinking earlier, it is time to change your mind and read this article, where we will give you some quite helpful pieces of advice for your posts’ promotion in this social media net. Let’s go!

  • First of all, you should learn how to make your posts visible for people. This can be achieved by using two easy tools, first one being hashtags. People think that those don’t quite work today, although this is not true and using tags can sufficiently help you with attracting new people to the profile. Instagram allows using up to 30 of those under each post, but it makes the appearance of the post way worse, so we’d recommend stopping by 5 to 10 of those. Also you should collect them correctly and gather all the words so that people can search your content by starting from the words with the widest meaning and moving forward to the narrowest terms possible. Include names, dates, locations and other specifics that can be applied to your content – it will help random users to find your content instead of the content of your competitors.
  • Moving forward – you can use geotags to increase the visibility as well. But you shouldn’t use only your actual location, be creative and choose the ones that people can really use to look up interesting events and locations. Place your publication in that geotag as well and wait for people to find it. If you’re offering something interesting, they will surely check your post out and might even want to follow you. What we’re saying here: don’t think that geotag should be used solely to mark your current location, it can also be used to promote your content.
  • Use a possibility to buy Instagram likes. This shouldn’t be done at the very start of your profile’s development process, but when you have it filled with photos and videos, it is time to take on some paid promotion for sure. A chance to take on a pack of thumbs up helps a lot with building a base that you can rely on – when people see when something is already valued and interesting, they are more willing to check it out and join the creator as subscribers. However, you should keep in mind that only real subscribers will bring you benefits – fakes and bots can make the situation worse and show Instagram that your profile is not far from being a bot itself. Your posts won’t get recommended to people and you will simply end in a shadow ban.
  • Create your personal profile style and follow it in each publication. This way you will be able to gain a foothold in people’s memory so that they will remember that they have already seen you in their recommendations. The more often they are going to see you, the higher are the chances that they will want to follow you and become your regular viewers. Plus, thought-through individual style helps with catching people’s attention and making them want to share your post – when there’s something authentic in a photo or a video or a text, it catches the eye right away. So make sure to work on it yourself or hire a specialist who could help you with that.
  • Make sure that your main picture is memorable and flashy – make it as catchy as possible and don’t fall out of your style at the same time. Yes, this also helps with making a post more popular than it was before. People are always seeing your icon on social media when they are looking at your post, and it should be suitable to what you’re posting and showy at the same time. Users should be able to realize who you are and what you’re doing just by looking at it.

Those 5 tips seem to be very easy, but only at the first sight – managing a social media page and making it look balanced and thought-through is something that is quite hard to fulfill. Once again, don’t be afraid to delegate: if you don’t know where to start, you can always hire a social media manager who will give you a hand of help with all the questions that you have in terms of Insta promotion. If you need quicker results, you should definitely take advantage of paid services, such as a chance to purchase subs. Make sure that you’re buying quality service and you’ll be okay!

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